Supporting the younger generation

Funding level: £10,001 to £25,000


Young Lambeth Coop (YLC) is seeking £18,508 to develop the academic aspiration, achievement and employability of 14 young people aged 14-16, from low income families in Lambeth who are at risk of becoming NEET with outcomes including:

- 9 young people will show increased educational aspiration within 3 months of completion
- 10 young people will show a higher level of self-reported desired career within 3 months
- 12 young people will be able to clearly articulate realistic pathways into at least two careers of potential interest
- 14 young people will be able to name five industry contacts
- 8 young people will have increased mental well being

These outcomes will be achieved through the delivery of a 13-week group workshop programme and 30 hours of 1:1 coaching support for each individual. It will serve as an introduction to the world of work and training opportunities (including apprenticeships, work-based placements, college, entrepreneurship and employment) addressing issues with engaging with education through individual support plan implementation and 1:1 coaching.

The project would run as follows:

1. Self-registration / Referral with eligibility assessment and acceptance of 14 young people.
2. A 12- week series of 2-hour group workshops, once a week. The workshop curriculum will cover an introduction to labour and its role in our society, how people find jobs they enjoy, networking, navigating ‘fitting in’ alongside ‘being unique’, decision making, how we learn, and active listening. Continuous improvement and co-production will take place throughout the project in response to user feedback.
3. At YLC we believe that a person-centred integrated pathway of support model creates better outcomes and stops young people ‘slipping through the gaps’. So, in addition to workshops, there will be interspersed and ongoing 1:1 coaching sessions with an appointed keyworker (30 hours per young person), on goal-setting to develop and implement person-centred individual support plans.
4. Part of the integrated pathway approach involves using a ‘customer relationship management’ style to ensure that agreed actions are encouraged and completed (e.g. timely reminders to attend sessions, and follow up messages to confirm their attendance). It also provides a space in the user journey for identification and disclosure of needs that require more intensive support for timely and appropriate signposting to specialist and statutory organisations. For the individual support plan to be effective it will be co-produced with the young person and it will be important to seek school and family buy in also, wherever achievable.
5. Baseline assessment on outcomes using Project Oracle approved Evaluation Framework Tools and bespoke surveys. Monitoring all outputs and outcomes will take place throughout with project evaluation at 6 month intervals.
6. The keyworker will also refer to other VCS organisations, based on the young person’s talents, aspirations and interests, to further expand their horizons and allow them to ‘test’ areas of potential interest in career planning (e.g. coding, or design). The keyworker will supervise that process to confirm uptake, and undertake follow-up to ensure that there is an understanding of each activity’s place in their development as they move towards their goals.
7. Six-month review (monitoring using Evaluation Framework and tools developed by Project Oracle to Level 1 accreditation). Action Plan amends, and signposting as appropriate.
8. Ongoing 1:1 coaching support continues with potential progression routes emphasising education, training and employment pathways. Supporting projects for further personal development and leadership include joining another YLC programme such as our Young Assessors, Young Champions, YLC’s Steering Group or the Youth Council Advisory Board.
9. Review and celebration event.
10. Ad hoc contact including longitudinal mapping of outcomes.

Young Lambeth Coop

Location: London

This project is so needed in Lambeth. Our young members have told us that employability, problem solving and independence are areas of huge importance in their lives. Here, young people are in the driving seat. Their views, concerns and aspirations have influenced every aspect of this project.
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