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Over the last 4 years, Apples & Pears has enabled over 1000 primary school children from schools in Tower Hamlets, Southwark and Greenwich to spend Saturdays going on inspiring educational, social and cultural trips across London with their families and our volunteers.

We've built the project by collaborating with schools, parents and children, ensuring the trips are not just learning tools but forums for communities to get to know both their local area and one another.

Some highlights from 2015/2016:

- Our trips have gave children the opportunity to explore learning in practical, fun ways. From a Space show at Greenwich Planetarium to prop-making at the National Theatre, the trips brought the classroom to life!
- 5 of the trips gave respite to a group including young carers and children suffering severe emotional trauma at home;
- 5 trips paired families from London with families new to the city so they could explore and learn together;
- we've enabled residents from a local refuge to explore London with their children within the safe confines of our project;
- our local volunteers and families have been able to share each others' experiences of their professions and interests, helping build community ties;
- nearly all the families we've worked with now feel more confident exploring London by themselves.


Our project is collaborative to ensure it is (i) inclusive; and (ii) delivering what the community needs:

- We work with teachers and family support workers to understand areas where families lack access;
- We connect with 'out of reach' venues to help them host children and families from otherwise disenfranchised communities;
- We have dialogue with our children and families on how they're finding the trips;
- Each trip has 2 volunteers from our 400+ pool made up of a variety of backgrounds;
- We support local charities and community projects by inviting them to host trips and build relationships with our families.


Our project's partners have championed the benefits of our trips programme on their children, families, staff and wider community to other schools and charities, many of whom since requested to take part!

During the 2016/2017 academic year we will be looking to expand by (i) running our trips programme in 15 primary schools; and (ii) partnering with 3 community theatres so children from 15+ other primary schools can have free access to local theatre.

Our growth has been organic and driven by promotion from the communities we work with and we'd love your help so we can run our programme in more of London's primary schools!


One of our new partner schools is St Elizabeth Primary in Tower Hamlets and we're hoping to launch a special version of our trips programme with them for their support group for parents with children with special needs and disabilities.

The trips would be a forum for not only the children to have fun and learn together but for the parents to meet, share experiences and support one another.

Key details:

- we'd run 4 tailored trips on Saturdays in 2016/2017 (e.g. autism-friendly theatre).
- each trip would include up to 15 families, 2 staff and 2 of our volunteers to help co-ordinate
- we are a volunteer-led organisation with no paid staff and who cover our administration costs privately meaning 100 per cent of donated funds go straight to our projects.

We'd love to have your support!

The Apples & Pears Foundation

Moment of Pride

Apples & Pears is a collaborative project that's built with rather than just for the communities we work with.

Alongside providing fantastic learning opportunities for children, the project is always tailored to the needs of specific groups making empathy a central component of everything we do!

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