Supporting the younger generation

Funding level: £1,001 to £5,000


Technology is a major part of our world today. It is hard to think of a situation where technology isn’t utilised to enhance and enable our day to day experiences.

For those who are at the very start of their education, it’s safe to assume that technology will be an even bigger part of their adult lives than we experience today.

ICT is of course, part of the curriculum for children in the UK and therefore is supported by schools. However, the equipment is not always of a reasonable quality or current, which can make meeting the demands of not only the curriculum difficult but also limits the development of the children in this area.

Sadly the funding provided to schools is simply not enough to keep up with the rapidly developing ICT technology and therefore children are not being exposed to it and not having the opportunity to gain skills required to use them.

For some children school will be their only opportunity to gain experience with digital technology, if they don’t have it there then they will have no prospect of adopting the required skills for the future.

Anton Infant School in Andover Hampshire has around 180 pupils and opens its facilities to after school clubs and children from the junior school also.
If the application is successful then the funding will be used to by digital tablets for the school – the benefits of these over traditional desktop computers is their ability to be updated, meaning they provide longevity for the school and the learners.

The infant school age children of today will need to become comfortable and confident with digital technology to be successful in their future and there is a direct link between the use of digital technology and educational attainment.

The tablets will be used as a vessel to embed technology into the children’s everyday learning where they can engage in activities around a wide range of topics, whilst simultaneously building their confidence and competence using digital technologies.

The tablets will not be exclusively used by the pupils of the infant school; their mobility means that they can also benefit other local children. The school opens its doors to others for after school and extra-curricular activities; these groups will also have access to the tablets and be able to incorporate into their activities as well as the adjoining school, Anton Juniors.

The impact of this is project will be far-reaching - children who access digital technology regularly perform better educationally and in hand have greater chances of economic success in the future

The funding will be used to purchase a stock of digital tablets and the associated accessories to allow for all the functions to be able to be used.

The tablets will be used for group and pair work as well as for individual learners and can be utilised to creatively support those with additional educational needs both inside and outside the classroom.

This investment will enable to the teachers and students of this school to take an innovative, modern and engaging approach to learning which prepares children for the digital age that they are part of.

Anton Infant school is extremely local to our business offices – as part of our on-going community initiatives we have engaged with the school previously, sponsoring competitions and displaying the children’s artwork in our offices.

Anton is a school which is both friendly and effective. The positive and welcoming atmosphere welcomes local children into education and provides them with opportunities to develop both academically and personally.

As a business we have first-hand experience of the requirement to embrace digital technology and are investing in our staff to develop their skills to do this. This project will be a small, but worthwhile contribution to the future work force and preparing them for the digital age.

Anton Infant School

Moment of Pride

Anton Infants' motto "Learning to Learn" demonstrates their inspiring and forward thinking approach.

Even at this young age the focus is not just on achievement but skills required for learning, increasing independence and autonomy, enabling and encouraging a lifetime of learning.

Location: Andover