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Funding level: Up to £1,000


We deliver weekly arts and crafts activities to about 100 children and adults with a variety of needs from south east Essex. These include children and adults with learning disabilities; adults with visual impairments, physical disabilities, mental health problems and with early on-set dementia. Most of the sessions take place in our art room in Hadleigh, Essex, but we also do some regular outreach sessions in Thundersley, Basildon and Rochford.
All of our sessions enable people to have fun while engaging in arts and crafts activities, but also try to help the participants make friends, boost their self confidence and improve their self esteem.
It is the volunteers drawn from our local community who enable a small charity like The Art Ministry have a big impact on those most in need within that community.
But we don't think that engaging in arts and crafts should just be for those most in need. We believe that such activities can have a beneficial impact on health and well-being of everyone, and a regional programme report has confirmed this - "61% and smiling", published by Creative Arts East this year.
We would like to thank the community in this corner of south east Essex by providing free arts and crafts activities at 6 community events by taking The Art Ministry "ON TOUR" in 2017. We also want them to experience the beneficial effects of taking part.
As part of our tour, we would provide arts and crafts activities to over 100 children and adults with a variety of disabilities at the Lions Mid Summer Sports Day and Fun Festival - we would part of the fun. We would provide arts and crafts activities for over 100 families at two events on Canvey Island, the Castle Point Show and the Family Fun Day. We would also provide arts and crafts activities at three affordable community events in Leigh on Sea that attract families from across the whole of south east Essex, the Leigh Maritime Festival, Leigh Regatta and the Leigh Night of Lights. These could attract 300 participants between them.
We have already had wonderful experience running activities at some of these events. We have a gazebo and trestle tables we set up and attract large crowds to. However, we have been funding these activities from our own reserves and have not been able to pay someone to take a lead on them - placing too great a burden on our session volunteers.
In order to keep making our local community happy and to expand the numbers of benefit we would like you to vote for us to win an award from the Aviva Community Fund. This would cover the cost of our materials, pitch hire and pay for someone to organise and run the activities with the support of our volunteers.
We will work with other local groups to ensure that we get the best return on your investment in The Art Ministry.
Please help us to make more of our local community happy!

The Art Ministry

Location: Hadleigh

I am proud that a small charity like The Art Ministry can make such a large contribution to its local community because of its volunteers. Each week it helps 100 children and adults with various needs be HAPPY. By going "On Tour" it can spread that happiness to 500 people in the local community.
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