Health, disability & well-being

Funding level: Up to £1,000


The Pony Project is a Community Interest Company which provides Equine Facilitated Learning for both children and adults.

Funding would enable us to visit local schools for children who are disadvantaged through disability or isolation and promote ideas such as confidence building, team working, inclusion and building relationships.
Equine Facilitated Learning has over the last several years been the subject of extensive research and has gained recognition as an effective way to teach children how to build and develop positive relationships with others.
Children learn through practical activities such as observing how our ponies interact, leadership skills and communication skills by working together to lead our ponies. They learn how to approach calmly and how to recognise personal space. As a reflective learning experience these life skills transfer into day to day interaction with others. We also cover health issues such as diet and exercise by mirroring the routine of the ponies with that of the participants.

We would love people to vote for us as it would allow us to visit schools in our local community and provide them with a service that they may not have experienced before. We have had a lot of interest from numerous schools who we would love to build positive relationships to further benefit our community.

The Pony Project CIC

Location: Hurlford

It makes me proud to see inclusion in our project ,everyone is an equal and everyone is welcome. Our rescue ponies bring people together and by mirroring herd behaviour we address various issues. Many of our participants have gone on to become volunteers which also makes me very proud.
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