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Funding level: £10,001 to £25,000


Yellow Scarf - Future Starts Today- Setting new meetings in new ;locations of requirement.
Yellow scarf provides support for all nationalities and we hold a strong empathizes with Eastern Europeans.and their families in the Worcestershire area , who have problems with dependencies, such as alcohol, drug,gambling and homelessness. We are the only group in the area providing this help.

Due to well recognised service we were able to gain a place for our meetings via Church of England & Community recovery initiative part of probation services.

Yellow Scarf volunteers have been running " dropin session" and developed set meetings for individuals and families , also providing Skype meetings for those not able to reach the meetings due to non transport links or transport availability to them. We have almost entirely relied on selfproviding and other help and donations. These sessions have been extremely well received and constantly growing with numbers of users.

We would like funding for :
Setting up new sessions in another building located in Redditch/Bromsgrove , where there are large numbers of users, we offer brief interventions ,therapy and counselling , signposting to specialist help, advice about healthy lifestyles and opportunities for peer support and friendship.

Creating an advice pack for those attenders with information about diversionary activities outside of the session , such as where to find and how to use sports and learning opportunities . These positive activities can help to prevent relapse of activity behavior .

Providing training session for volunteers..
Improving publicity about the help we offer, through posters, fliers, and website in both English and other languages. Creating a certificate which acknowledges the effort made by those who take part in the job session and activities.

Providing interpreters for session work so that we can meet the demand from and provide support to a wider range of users.

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Yellow Scarf CIC

Moment of Pride

We are proud regarding our Yellow Scarf CIC due to amount of users we have reached out to, this has grown considerably over the past 2 years. We have also proud that the number of other organisations which have approached us directly for help and guided there clients to us for help and guidance.

Location: Worcestershire, United Kingdom