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Funding level: £5,001 to £10,000


iSpace is a not for profit CIC operating for the good of the local community. With this funding iSpace will deliver an innovative group work programme which is tailored to groups of children aged 8+, teenagers and adults.

The primary aims of the programme are to: increase self-esteem and confidence, encourage participants to set goals around personal development and allow them to realise their own potential.

The programme will be delivered in the heart of the local community of Peacock, where there is a lack of services available to this and the surrounding community. It can be accessed by anyone who wants to better themselves whether this is within their family life, academically, financially, physically or emotionally. As well as self-referrals, we will encourage referrals from agencies such as schools, Early Help Hubs and youth/community services.

The programme asks participants to consider their current mind sets and recognise how they could be limiting themselves in various areas of their lives. This enables them to embrace and develop the positives in their lives not only in their work/careers/education but also in their personal lives by improving parent/child relationships and other relationships. For the young people the programme will help them deal with exam and peer pressure, understand relationships and raise aspirations allowing them to reach their full potential.

All participants will gain many new skills which will have a huge effect on them creating positive change in their lives and taking them out of their comfort zone.
We have delivered this course a number of times previously with outstanding outcomes for individuals. Past participants have since gained employment, gained confidence to seek and attend college courses, built/improved relationships within their family units/friendship groups and generally grown in self-esteem with a positive belief in themselves which they all accredit to participating in this programme and/or working with iSpace. The impact is not just on the individuals attending the course - feedback from school staff and parents show that others such as peers, teachers and family members also benefit inadvertently.

The programme promotes positive self-talk and mindfulness empowering individuals to take control of their future whilst, developing their confidence, skills and abilities. It allows for reflection and belief in their own ability, therefore increasing motivation and promoting health and wellbeing.

This project will work with 80+ individuals, but the number of people the project will impact on will be far greater as the positive effects will benefit those around them. It will consist of 8 programmes run over 10 months; 4 x Adults courses, 2 x High School courses, 2 x Primary School courses, each course being 8 weeks long. The funding will cover staff costs to deliver the programmes, admin and resource costs. We will encourage past participants to act as peer mentors in a voluntary capacity to build their skill set and support the new participants.

Quotes from previous participants:

'I've now got control of my life, It's the first step to where I want to be'

“Both myself and Jack’s dad have noticed a massive improvement in his attitude and behavior both at home and at school”

‘Best course I’ve done! Self-improvement through the roof!’

You should vote for this project as it is beneficial for all the community; The motivation, positivity and skills developed throughout the courses will improve relationships, help reduce long-term unemployment, improve parenting styles, reduce reoffending and aid reintegration. The programme focuses on strengthening communities by enhancing participation in and ownership of local initiatives. All which will impact on the wider community.

iSpace is a unique organisation, that really helps communities and stands by its mission of supporting progress and aspirations in communities and education.

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Moment of Pride

iSpace is a unique organisation that really helps communities. Their positive attitude, hard work and dedication to enable change shines through and is deeply inspirational! We are proud of our community as the people show fight & resilience despite challenges they face This course will benefit all!

Location: Wakefield