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Funding level: £10,001 to £25,000


We are raising funds to get a multi adaptable mini bus for up to 17 pax that can be used by Exmouth Gateway Club for outings, respite breaks and day trips etc. We are a volunteer run self funded social club for adults with learning disabilities based in Exmouth. Currently we have over 100 members who have a wide range of disabilities. A number of our members are in a wheelchair full time and currently we struggle to find transport for them to be able to attend our respite breaks, and day trips. They often also struggle to attend our weekly because of the lack of disabled friendly transport options.
The bus would also be used by our disability football team to transport them to training and matches as currently we are relying on the goodwill of others to get us there.
Exmouth Gateway Club is a local charity based in Exmouth that has been running for over 27 years. The Club currently has over 100 members who come from Exmouth and the surrounding areas. They meet every Monday evening as a social club where the aim is to help the members develop their social and independence skills within an environment where they feel safe and relaxed. The Club is run purely by volunteers who give up hours of their spare time for the members not only on a club night, but to take them on evenings out, day trips and respite breaks. The Club receives no funding other that what we raise ourselves or is donated to us and with alot of members on limited incomes we are unable to ask them to contribute much to the running of the Club. The Club is vital to our members because for many of them its the only chance they get to go out in a week, to meet with their friends and also for many to give their carers a much needed break. The addition of a multi adaptable mini bus would mean that we could take more of the members on outings and the costs to the club would be reduced as we wouldn't have the same requirement for coaches.
We would be grateful if people would vote for us a local charity for adults with learning disabilities. The greatest feeling in the world is watching our members achieve something no matter how small and the addition of this mini bus would so greatly enhance their development in many different ways.

Exmouth Gateway Club

Moment of Pride

This project is so vital to our members who we are all immensely proud of. Through Exmouth Gateway Club we have seen to many of them develop their skills, become more independent and try new things.The members ask for nothing and its seeing the enjoyment that they get makes it all worthwhile.

Location: Exmouth