Sport in the community

Funding level: Up to £1,000

Submitted by: KDH Insurance Brokers


The ICE team is looking for sponsorship for a new kit. It was originally made up of nursing staff from our local hospital in Wolverhampton. They now have members that were associated to the original team players including younger members. My daughter joined the team to gain some confidence in her netball skills and within a few weeks her school teachers were impressed with her developments. Since joining she has won the Under 16 player of the year trophy in the Wolverhampton league due to the support of her team members. I would like to nominate the team for the award towards the new team kit to say thank you for the support given to Emily (my daughter).

ICE Netball Team (Wolverhampton League)

Location: Wolverhampton

The team members have given support to my daughter enabling her to gain confidence when playing in a team and develop her netball skils
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