Supporting the older generation

Funding level: £10,001 to £25,000


The Engaging Edinburgh's Older People in a Digital World project aims to provide basic digital skills training and intensive support to 80 older (aged 60+) people in Edinburgh, over a 12-month period, targeting tenants of council and housing associations as well as people in the communities where we work and specifically looking to address digital exclusion, support accessing health facilities, through a mix of one-to-one and one-to-many delivery approaches and leaving a legacy for long term support and looking to gather a plethora of glowing references and positive case studies.

In addition to addressing digital exclusion, the project will also address social exclusion and the softer skills, especially improving self-confidence, are as important as the digital skills.
Success will be measured in the new skills learned across communication (email, Skype and Facebook), public services (e.g. use of bus tracker, library services), photo albums, online shopping, and entertainment (catch up and YouTube) plus apps. Once established, the groups will continue to meet beyond the weekly support of the trainer, with additional aftercare support from a trainer on a monthly basis.

Digital champions will be selected, trained, provided with resources and supported.

To build on the success of the project to date we could use additional funding to deliver the following:
• More of the same – one-to-one, one-to-many (weekly) and aftercare (monthly), specifically identifying clients who are significantly isolated and networking them with others in the same position using social media and skype etc
• More targeted work (especially apps that support people with difficulties or disabilities)
• Work with additional housing associations
• Develop more digital champions who are better able to address the needs
• Develop more resources for individuals and groups to access
• Develop social media for the project to link up people across the different housing complexes and increase the digital and social inclusion
Project funding will be used for staffing with a small cost for travel. We’d also like to supply more tablets on loan.

With an ageing population, and the demands placed on councils and RSLs to meet the needs of an ageing tenant profile and population, lower retirement income and smaller and more disparate support networks to rely on, we would like to use the money to offer long-term solutions, leave an “out-of-the-box” offering to other towns and cities and leave a legacy of digital champions.

The project to date has been a 6-month pilot and the community have been at the heart of determining what works and what doesn’t, what they want and how best we can work with them.

We have shown that the project responds to local and individuals needs and that we understand the community context. Through this we have built the credibility and trust, but will continue to:
• Gather everyone’s views
• Research and evaluate
• Present and get approval for our delivery
• Play to the strengths of the local community
• Keep everyone informed
• Develop sustainability through local champions

Cre8te Opportunities Limited

Location: Edinburgh

Great Feedback, such as:
"I think the classes are great! Before I came I knew nothing, couldn't even switch it on. I'm now learning. It can be difficult as I don't hear very well. Better though as it is one-to-one, with someone beside me. Skype is the best as I have family in Canada" Mr W Age 80
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