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Funding level: Up to £1,000


BEACONS DEC is the development education centre for Herefordshire and Worcestershire. We are a registered charity, established nearly 30 years ago, run by volunteers.
Our mission is to raise awareness of developing countries needs and the global challenges facing all the people of the world, such as poverty, inequality and climate change. Working with both schools and adult organisations, we seek to raise the profile of these issues through conferences, seminars/talks and our website. But it's our work supporting teachers in children's education where we believe we can make the most difference.
Our most important facility is the dedicated Resource Centre at Lower Colwall, near Great Malvern, in Worcestershire. Based in a loaned-room in a converted church, the Resource Centre is where teachers, children and young adults have free access to books, ethnic dress and other artefacts from all over the globe. We lend artefacts to schools and colleges which form the basis for lessons, from displays to cultural lesson stimulus that support and develop creative activities, exploring materials and lifestyles from around the world. We now have over 300 items collected over many years, ranging from Zulu jewellery to Indian puppets and Hindi statues. For example, our nearest school, Colwall CofE Primary, recently borrowed a box of West African instruments, clothes and books to use with reception students in a series of lessons on distant places.
Since we were established back in 1988, we have lent out many hundreds of items to schools across Herefordshire and Worcestershire.Teachers particularly welcome the support that we can provide, helping bring lessons to life in a way that text books never can. Jeannie Anderton, from Bowbrook House, school said after a recent visit to the Centre;
"I thought the room and the collection were very appealing as there is so much to see and such a remarkable atmosphere to the room."
Teachers have such little time these days to research and find suitable resources for global teaching. A visiting teacher educator from the University of Worcester, Rebecca Davidge, on a visit in September with her trainees said "Hands on resources like these are invaluable! You won't find them in your school placements!"
The Resource Centre has recently undergone a major refresh and we would now like to open it up to visiting schools and colleges and hold lessons and teaching sessions in the Centre itself, in addition to lending out artefacts. Out-of-classroom learning makes a unique contribution to a child’s education, and offers many varied benefits to them, not least developing a sense of place and wonder for the world around them. By taking part in these experiences throughout their time at school, children learn lessons that complement those taught within the classroom. Our Resource Centre offers the opportunity to enrich students' curriculum experience and increase attainment.
We would also like to start a programme of photographing and cataloguing the contents of the RC so that we can display them "on line" on our website. This will make it far easier for us to curate and manage our artefact collection and provide an easy access point for schools and colleges, opening our resources up to a much wider audience. To do this, we need a computer and printer at the RC, together with a projector and screen for presentations to visitors.
Computer/Printer £ 512
Projector/Screen £ 689
Total £ 1201
Winning a £1000 award would go a long-way to helping us purchase this equipment - we'll find the balance from our own resources.
If we are successful, we will be able to further extend and promote our services across the whole of Herefordshire and Worcestershire. There are over a hundred primary schools, some twenty middle schools and forty six secondary schools, as well as seventeen special schools and 8 colleges across the two counties which will have free access to our support!


Location: Great Malvern

We exist solely through the good-will and dedication of our small band of volunteers, helping children and young adults understand the wider world through fun and engaging activities. Our Resource Centre provides a unique, free access facility open to all schools in Herefordshire and Worcestershire.
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