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Funding level: £1,001 to £5,000


The Sue Lambert Trust is a Norwich based charity. It is the only agency providing counselling, advice and support to people affected by sexual abuse in Norfolk. We currently provide support to over 200 people each week, and forecast that we will have delivered over 7000 counselling or support sessions during 2016/17. Services are provided free at the point of access and are delivered via a team of qualified and trainee volunteer counsellors. Our services include:
• long-term person-centred counselling.
• short term counselling (up to 12 weeks) where appropriate
• additional support services
• a national helpline (4 hours per week)
Most of our services are delivered from our base in Norwich but we also deliver services in Great Yarmouth, Thetford and King’s Lynn. There is no geographical restriction.
Our clients are aged 11 and over who have experienced sexual or domestic abuse or violence. 20% are men and 95% are aged 18 and over. Our clients face significant disadvantages because of their experiences. The negative feelings associated with trauma, and of having been manipulated and psychologically abused by the perpetrator, often include self-blame, guilt and low self-esteem. Assessment of client needs show that they often experience panic attacks, nightmares, flashbacks, depression and anxiety. They struggle with eating disorders, self-harm, drug and alcohol dependencies and suicidal ideation.
Our work is about providing effective therapeutic support to enable people to make significant improvements in their lives – helping them to improve their sense of well-being and their life chances.

Overall aims and objectives
1. To provide high quality services
2. To build partnerships
3. To ensure sustainability
We are able to keep our costs low as the majority of our services are delivered by committed volunteers, supported and managed by a small staff team. In 2015/16 84% of our expenditure went directly towards delivering services.
The impact of what we do
Our model is effective because it is based on understanding the impact of abuse on survivors, and on building trust between the client and their counsellor so that they can explore the reactions to their abuse that often have a lasting impact on their lives. The following is a summary of outcomes for clients who have completed their counselling this year:
• 93% reported an overall improvement
• 89% reported reduced suicidal feelings
• 79% reported an improvement in emotional health
• 75% reported positive changes in self-esteem
Why we are asking for your help
We aim to set aside an access fund of £5000 a year and are seeking these funds from the Aviva Community Fund for use to help those clients who need assistance to use our services – the majority of payments are to assist with travel costs to get to us, but the fund is also designed to help with other needs such as carer costs, interpreters and signers.
One recent case has highlighted the need to have sufficient funding to be able to offer longer term support, with a qualified interpreter, to survivors who do not speak English. The client we would like to support is an Albanian woman who was forced into sex slavery in Italy. She is now seeking asylum in the UK and cannot speak any English. She and her infant are completely isolated and need all the support they can get whilst their claim for asylum is being processed. We believe she will benefit significantly from our counselling service and also from the sense of community we can provide here. For some clients, coming here once a week provides more than just a 50 minute slot for counselling, it is a familiar, safe haven. We are also able to pick up on other support needs clients may have and make appropriate referrals to partner agencies.
However the cost of a translator for 6 months’ of weekly hour-long sessions for this client amounts to £1,800, which is a significant draw on our limited resources. Hence we need funding for access.

Sue Lambert Trust

Location: Norfolk, United Kingdom

We are proud to be able to support everyone who needs our services. Some need a little extra financial help to cover travel costs, translators and signers. With funding, we can ensure that these people are equally supported.
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