Supporting the younger generation

Funding level: Up to £1,000


Parkview Parent Council would like to use the Aviva Community Fund to
- inspire children to read more regularly
- develop a culture of reading at home with their parents
- increase literacy levels across the whole school
- help instill a life long passion for reading

Parkview Primary School has grown quickly over the past few years as a result of other local primary schools closing, unfortunately the school library hasn't grown as much. Parkview Parent Council would like to help the library grow to match the requirements of the children who want to use it and update the library so the children can enjoy the experience of selecting a book to read alone or with their family at home.

Currently the library has fictional books which are fairly old fashioned and encyclopedias which include information that is out of date and incorrect. It would be a wonderful opportunity for the children in the school to be able to easily access new fiction and non fiction books and inspire them to read for pleasure in school and at home with their families.

Parkview Primary is a very multicultural school with many children speaking English as their second language. It would be a fantastic development if we could provide children's stories in multiple languages to support reading at home with their family.

The funding available from the Aviva Community Fund will allow us to start developing the library into the wonderful, inspiring resource it should be for our children.

Parkview Primary School Parent Council

Moment of Pride

Parkview Parent Council are a small group of parents who volunteer their time to help provide additional resources and opportunities for the pupils of Parkview Primary School.

Location: Glasgow City, United Kingdom