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Funding level: £1,001 to £5,000


Alton Trampoline Club is a local club based at Alton Sports Centre, Alton, Hampshire. Established in 1990 it is Gym mark accredited and has just increased its membership to 75 youngsters aged 4 to 21 (including 8 disabled), with 15 still on the clubs waiting list.

It is run entirely by unpaid volunteers, it is a friendly and inclusive club which seeks to support the learning and development in a safe environment for a sport that provides the benefits of health, co-ordination and self-confidence.

The club provides an opportunity for young people to trampoline just for fun or to progress to bounce in a competitive environment, ranging from local inter club, regional or national levels.

In July 2016 ATC was signed off as an Inclusive club, one of the first 10 in the country. I’M IN is British Gymnastics disability Programme, which aims to create more participation opportunities for disabled people in Gymnastics. The accreditation shows that ATC has put some great steps in place toward inclusivity and we are delighted that this has been recognised. This is a major event for us and demonstrates the opportunities that we are able to offer and the efforts of those involved at the club.

We are not a big club, but we like to think that over the past 25 years we have had a big impact in providing a fun activity in the local community, with hundreds of youngsters passing through our doors. However our finances do reflect the fact that we are non profit making and most of our funds go towards hall hire, maintenance of the trampolines and funding the necessary training for our coaches. We have 4 trampolines and have recently started training with 2 sessions of DMT (double mini trampoline) but our equipment is old and does not meet current competition standards.

We would very much like to replace this dmt, plus its mats at a cost of just under £5,000.

British Gymnastics describe Double Mini Trampoline as “packing a lot of action into a short space of time, combining explosive power with high flying stunts it’s an incredible way to develop your strength and coordination.”

We offer an opportunity for young people to bounce in the most cost effective manner as possible, we are inclusive, we are keen to be a community based organisation welcoming people at all levels and all abilities, with a keen emphasise to bring in disabled children to the club and introduce and develop their trampolining and dmt skills. We aspire to bring more opportunities for young people to join the club but also do something a little different by training on a dmt.

Our dmt is on its last legs, and although we appreciate that lots of youngsters enjoy using the dmt as a another strand of their gymnastic skills, we are unable to meet demand and also offer the more skilled youngsters the opportunity to progress. For example we had 2 members compete at the British Gymnastics NDP national championships this year, yet we do not have the funds to provide the equipment for them and others to develop their routine and so reach their full potential.

If we are successful everyone at the club would potentially benefit the awarding of this grant, as would many future members who will join the club as the life of a dmt should last in excess of 10 years if well maintained (our oldest trampoline is 20 years old!)

The impact on the members of our club will be immediate as it will enable more club members to train on a dmt, and those that compete at a higher level to train on a competition level dmt.

THANK YOU for considering Alton Trampoline Club and reading this application

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Alton Trampoline Club

Moment of Pride

I feel proud to be part of a club where everyone is welcomed and valued equally. Where the coaches have the commitment to help and improve everyone to the best of the gymnasts ability, and where you can build new friendships and develop your skills.
Katherine George aged 14

Location: Alton