Supporting the younger generation

Funding level: £1,001 to £5,000

Submitted by: Corinthian Wealth Management


I‘m a volunteer for a great little educational charity called Envision. I give my time because I can see it makes a real difference to the young people we support.

You’ll help us to offer young people the education I think is important: an education for life. Envision believes that schools should be more than just exam factories. In particular I believe they should also build young people’s character, for example by cultivating confidence and compassion. Envision thinks traits like empathy are not best developed by reading books or researching on the internet, we want our young people to develop by doing – giving them real life experience beyond the school gates.

By voting for us you’ll give 20 young people the opportunity to participate in the Community-Apprentice programme. This inter-school competition, loosely based on the TV show the Apprentice, requires teams of young people to develop and demonstrate leadership qualities whilst managing their own projects. But in our case this isn’t about seeing who can make the most money; our young people compete to improve the quality of life in their communities. That’s why we’ve replaced Lord Sugar with a man looking for young people who can improve out communities: our elected Mayor Marvin Rees.

Next year we want to challenge 40 teams (400 individuals) to identify an issue that matters to them, create a way to make a difference and see it through. Over ten months they’ll undertake a range of challenges ending up Marvin’s ‘boardroom’ where they’ll set out the difference they have made and their mentors (volunteers from local companies) will outline the skills they’ve developed. It works: a randomised control trial provides robust evidence that young people who complete Community-Apprentice improve their sense of community by 16% and are 17% more likely to volunteer in future. What’s more they improve skills such as perseverance and co-operation and show an 11% improvement in attitudes to education.

The activity behind these results is inspired by building young people’s awareness of problems within their community, so that they want to do something to help, not because they have to. By bringing teams together at key milestones in the programme young people will feel part of a wider community.

At the beginning of the programme Marvin will challenge the young people of Bristol to choose an issue they think is important and make a short film explaining why. We’ll share them on a digital platform where you’ll be able to watch them. You can see examples from last year at But as our young people know its not talking that matters, they’ll go on to work with us to do something practical to make a difference to their chosen issue, doing their bit to make our city a great place to live for everyone. Surely that deserves every bit of encouragement we can give them?


Location: Bristol

I love Bristol’s community spirit: the way people muck-in to solve local problems together. I’m particularly inspired by our young people who take the initiative for setting up their own projects and all the fantastic volunteers who give them a hand to make the biggest impact they can.
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