Sport in the community

Funding level: Up to £1,000


Aviva community fund

Project Name – Bringing dance performance and competition opportunities to children & young people in North London

Will you help change the lives of children and young people in North London, as well as the wider local community, through the medium of dance?

Kinetik is a charity that supports children from all different ages, ethnicities and backgrounds to attend street dance classes and to showcase their abilities to the local community.

Supporting us means enabling children and young people in North London who wouldn’t otherwise be able, to take part in community performances and dance competitions.

Street dance is an excellent platform for helping children and young people to:

• Find a fun route to a fit and healthy lifestyle, when the pressures of technology and social media are causing increased isolation and sedentary lifestyles
• Find a safe environment to express their personalities
• Find a way of achievement and self-fulfilment for those who don’t achieve academically
• Find a platform to build self- confidence through mastering new skills.
• Find their place in and feel part of their local community

Kinetik supports projects at the North London Street Dance Academy (NLSDA), to provide free performance events for the local community, as well as enabling children and young people who wouldn’t otherwise be able, to experience competitive dance as a means of confidence building and skills development.

Community dance performances:
• Brings all the benefits listed above to our young dancers
• Inspires community cohesion
• Breaks down the generation gap, showcasing the positive attributes young people can offer to society (as opposed to the problems they can cause)
• Enriches the lives of spectators by exposing them to new art forms
Taking part in dance competitions gives children and young people:
• Inspiration to do their best
• A goal to work towards
• A sense of achievement and pride and improved self esteem
• Increased confidence and a “can do” attitude
• A sense of teamwork

A large percentage of the children we support are from disadvantaged backgrounds and can’t afford to take part in performances or attend competitions where they need transport costs, clothing/uniform and competitors entry fees.

Support from the Aviva community fund to help give these children new opportunities and a goal to enrich their lives and lead them towards a positive future into adulthood.


Location: Enfield

We are proud to be able to give back to the local community through our charity. It makes me proud to see the young people become optimistic about their futures through the means of dance. It gives the young dancers a strong sense of personal accomplishment and to feel proud of themselves.
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