Supporting the younger generation

Funding level: £10,001 to £25,000



2017 sees the fiftieth anniversary of Potential Plus UK, the charity which supports children with high learning potential and their families. We are excited to apply to the Aviva Community Fund to seek funding to help us celebrate this momentous event in our history and to bring together the two communities that are dear to us ... our community of children and young people from across England and Wales and the people of Bletchley and Milton Keynes who have been so supportive of our work across the years.

We are seeking support to fund a weekend of activities to celebrate the people of Bletchley and Milton Keynes and their contribution to our modern life and, simultaneously, the work that Potential Plus UK has done to develop and nurture the potential of children across the last fifty years.

The event will be held at Bletchley Park, close to our head office, the central site for Britain's codebreakers during World War II. The site is now a highly acclaimed visitor attraction providing a direct link to the history and significance of the area and, along with the National Museum of Computing located at the same location, will be the ideal backdrop for our celebration.

Over a weekend in spring 2017, the “Celebration of Bletchley and 50 Years of Potential” will be the culmination of a series of activities over the previous three months which will pull together our two communities. In addition, over the weekend we will host workshops and competitions for children and young people focussing on the contributions to national history that are held at Bletchley Park and the National Museum of Computing.

Our planned activities for the weekend will include:

• Workshops and seminars for children and young people reflecting the history and contribution of the local area. As part of our normal activity, Potential Plus UK run Big Family Weekend events which include workshops that are fun, challenging and encourage team building, leadership and thinking skills in a safe and supervised environment with like-minded peers.

• An open air viewing of The Imitation Game, the highly acclaimed and award-winning film telling the story of Alan Turing and the work of Bletchley Park.

• The culmination of competitions held over the previous months, including:

a) A greeting card design competition for younger children based on the famous concrete cows of Milton Keynes;

b) “How We Are The Same And How We Are Different”, a video and media competition where a young person will pair up with an adult who was their age in 1967 to show the differences (and similarities) in their lives;

c) A code breaking competition, open to children and young people across the country, hosted on our website.

• Guided tours of Bletchley Park and the National Museum of Computing;

• Much more fun for children, young people and adults alike!!!

In addition, we seek to celebrate our fiftieth birthday by commissioning a piece of work specifically within our network of children and young people. We will provide expertise and guidance to produce a series of three age specific peer-to-peer booklets (with accompanying video content), written by children for children, explaining the social, emotional and learning issues faced by children with high learning potential. These issues are remarkably similar to those faced by children identified as having learning difficulties and include anxiety, behavioural issues, bullying, isolation, mental health problems and social exclusion.

Funding of £22,500 from the Aviva Community Fund would allow us to plan, develop and deliver this exciting programme, bringing together local people and our network of children and young people from across the country.

Potential Plus UK

As an organisation, we are proud of the local community that has supported our work over the last fifty years … and proud of our staff and supporters for the work that they have done to allow children to fulfil their potential and face their issues over that time. The project is our thank you.

Location: Bletchley