Supporting the younger generation

Funding level: £1,001 to £5,000


The Project
To replace our much loved and dilapidated trim trail that is nearing the end of its life. The trim trail consists of 10 pieces of play equipment including balance beams, swinging logs, a rope bridge, wobbly planks and stepping logs. The current wooden trail was installed over 10 years ago and due to damp and wet conditions, the wood (underground) is rotting and has already made several pieces of the equipment unsafe to use. Replacement parts have been fitted over the last few years however trail is deteriorating quickly. We currently have 1 section out of use, some poles have been removed, and 8 sections have been identified as needing repairs in the very near future.

Who are we?
Bythams Primary School is a small rural school in Lincolnshire (94 pupils). It also holds an out of hours school club for before and after school child care (around 25 children). Due to its size, it lacks the resources of bigger schools and is reliant on the support of Parents and Friends of Bythams Primary School (FOBS). FOBS is a charity who raise funds to support the education, health and wellbeing of the students of the Bythams Primary School. As well as fundraising events at the school, we have strong links with the local community and are involved with events at the local church, with the Bythams Woodland Trust and Bythams Music Festival and likewise they support events such as our annual May Fair.

What the money will be used for?
To replace the trim trail with a new one made from recycled plastic. Initial quotes indicate the cost will be £6,000-£7,000. The advantages of replacing the equipment with those made from recycled plastic rather than wood are:
• Longevity: expected lifetime of 40+ years (rather than 10yrs for wood). Rot and algae proof, it makes it suitable for wet/damp conditions.
• Safety: it is finished with a non-slip surface, and is splinter free.
• Low Maintenance: it does not crack, splinter or rot, reducing the future repair and maintenance costs.
• Environmentally friendly: made from recycled plastic, it reduces impact on the environment, reducing the amount of waste that is sent to landfills and shows pupils how waste plastic packaging can be transformed into playground equipment.

Who benefits and why?
All of the children at the school use the trim trail on a daily basis. Over a school year (195 days) the pupils (94) have over 2 hours a day for free play on the equipment equating to 390 hours a year. In addition siblings and after school club have access to the trim trail. Over the lifetime of the equipment, or next 20 years, an estimated 500 children from the community will benefit from using the trim trail.
We want to help our community have happy and healthy children. We are aware that:
• Children nowadays have more sedentary lifestyles and not all in our community have free and safe access to the outdoors or time to access it as much as they would like with their children.
• Half of all 7 year olds in England are not achieving the 60 minutes of daily activity recommended by the Chief Medical Officer.
• The levels of childhood obesity is increasing. A study showed that 1 in 5 children born at the start of the Millennium were obese by the age of 11 (Millennium Cohort Study 2013)
• Research suggests that children who are more physically active are more likely to achieve higher academic success, less likely to develop mental and physical health problems in later life.

Why vote for us?
When children leave primary school it is just as important to have good literacy and maths skills as it is to understand the value of a healthy life style. We want to support the Bythams School achieve this by giving a whole day approach to physical activity; with both structured and unstructured activity opportunities, and encourage our children to be more physically active. The replacement of the trim trail will help provide this for decades to come.

Friends of the Bythams School

Location: Little Bytham

I am proud to be part of FOBS, working with a group of people give up their time to organise events enjoyed by the school and the local community. No matter what the task, we all lend a hand with the same aim - to benefit of all the children that attend the school, now and in the future.
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