Community support

Funding level: £10,001 to £25,000


When my son was growing up he was attached to the academy of our local professional club. We journeyed all around Europe playing other academies at local community clubs in the various areas. No matter where we played France, Italy, Spain, Germany or Holland the discussion between the parents of an evening was always about the facilities and playing surfaces that these clubs had at their disposal and how the community no matter the wealth of the area were involved with the well being of the club. No graffiti no vandalism, just total commitment from infants with their parents to senior citizens all doing their bit.
We have made a start in accomplishing what these clubs have already achieved by joining forces with Cheadle & Gatley JFC and attaining Charter Standard Community Level . This makes us one of 26 clubs out of 900 in Cheshire to have this qualification.
We are working with our local council to improve the lot of two pieces of land adjoining our club.
The first is a large piece of grass land with a seldom used junior pitch as its only feature. The pitch is in a poor state and is in dire need of rolling, reseeding, verti draining and cutting properly on a regular basis. Once done the land would house the pitch that is in place now along with many more smaller pitches to accommodate our junior teams that are finding it difficult to find pitches of a suitable standard in our area. The land would also provide an ideal place for the community to hold fetes and other functions without being so reliant on the weather.
The other piece of land is the approach to our clubs main gates. This at the moment is a fly tippers paradise making it a nightmare for the local residents and a drain on the local councils finances.On average fly tipping takes place twice weekly and I have witnessed residents clearing the rubbish themselves because of the embarrassment it causes. We have discussed with the council and the residents fencing off this land with double gates open when the club is in use and a pedestrian gate open at all times for public access.Made into a car park this would provide ideal back up to support functions held on the land while putting an end to the fly tipping into the bargain.
The last piece of the jigsaw is a new club house. The promised one did not materialize after the old one was demolished. This left the club in a precarious position with no income stream and no meeting place to carry out the general running of the club. We weathered this period and then along came Stockport Grammar School with the offer of two modular classrooms that they had no further use for. The first of those classrooms is in place and is a great success, with the other one due for instillation in the next couple of weeks. Once this is done we will be able to offer the the local community a venue to host self sustaining group activities, something that is sadly lacking in the area. we will offer a senior citizens club during the day with the more able bodied among them being encouraged to swell our volunteers and do the small jobs around the club that together lets the club function. Self sustaining group activities such as yoga, weight watchers, keep fit, mother and baby clubs and walking football will all be encouraged along with minority sports such as table tennis, fencing and martial arts. The local community will be encouraged to hold birthday and anniversary functions at the club safe in the knowledge that all proceeds from these functions will be put back into their facilities making the club a true COMMUNITY HUB CLUB.

Cheadle Town FC

Moment of Pride

Chris Davies has given 54 years of unbroken service to this club and along with the volunteers, coaches, players and committee we are all committed to the success of this project.

Location: Cheadle