Sport in the community

Funding level: £10,001 to £25,000


We are seeking funding to create a football facility which will be home to the Bath & Wiltshire Boys Football teams but also a facility that will be open to those children and young people both girls and boys in the community who may not normally be able to access top quality coaching at a top quality venue. We will work with local social housing provider Curo and target those children on estates who would benefit from this opportunity. We would also liaise with other professionals to identify participants, i.e. the local Police, Family Support workers etc.If successful the funding would enable us to create a car park, create 4 pitches of various sizes with age appropriate goals and build a shelter / storage and small pavilion to enable parents / carers to watch the sessions. We will then provide coaching and football opportunities during school holidays. Alongside the football we would promote the message of healthy eating by preparing and providing packed lunches to the children engaging with them on the importance of eating well and looking after yourself. Older young people will be given the opportunity to act as mentors to the younger ones and also be able to develop skills as coaches and referees. If they show an aptitude for this then we will look at securing them places on certificated coaching / referreing courses. We would look at providing transport to the venue from the estates targeted. We have permission from the landowners - Kingswood School to develop this project. More information on this can be provided by Tim Kirk, Coach (

Bath & Wiltshire School Sports Trust (BWB03)

Moment of Pride

It will open up opportunities every girl and boy regardless of their background / income. Football brings communities together and when everybody is on the pitch they are equal. Not many of the young people we target will ever have had the opportunity to train and experience what we will offer.

Location: Bath