Health, disability & well-being

Funding level: Up to £1,000


Art for change is a project aimed at giving disadvantaged sections of the community the opportunity to gain self confidence,transferable skills and to feel valued, by creating and exhibiting Art work that draws attention to a wide range of social issues,

The pilot of the Art for change is to create an exhibition/event highlighting a social issue/Housing and homelessness by working in small groups (workshops) to be held at St Mungo”s (homeless charity Bristol).

By asking service users to explore the following questions :
What does the word “Home” mean to you ?
How would you feel if you no longer had a Home ?
How do you feel the homelessness problem could be solved?

As collage is inclusive to everyone the aim of these workshops is to create panels
of images making up components of a house ,using materials that are emotive to the issue of homelessness cardboard/newspaper,
There will be 6 Workshops (1 per panel) lasting approximately two hours per session.

The content of the exhibition will be two wooden framed houses with cardboard panels, one finished in the workshops and one blank to invite the gallery goers/general public to express there thoughts feelings in response to the house that has already been created so to break down and challenge pre conceptions that the public may have in regards to homelessness,to encourage a dialogue between the public and homelessness service users.

Homelessness can effect any body from any walk of life and can be triggered by many factors including job loss,bills higher than earnings,eviction,abuse at home ,prison ,mental health,addiction,family breakdown,to name a few,most of us are but one step away from this issue,

There is a direct connection between creative expression and overall well being,giving people a way of expressing them selves can help the process of healing,physically and emotionally.


Moment of Pride

This project has been generated solely for the benefit of vulnerable people within the community who may currently be, for a variety of reason, socially isolated. We aim to improve the wellbeing of local, Bristol based people through the process or creativity.

Location: Bristol