Supporting the younger generation

Funding level: £1,001 to £5,000


Last month we arrived at our local Community Hall for a meeting. There in the doorway were 6 young girls sheltering from the rain. Others can regularly be seen hanging round the local shops or bus shelters, just wanting a place to chat with friends - somewhere warm when it's cold, somewhere dry when it's wet. We want to provide a warm, safe place for these young people to gather. Hence the plan for 'Warm and dry'.
Our Church leases a local community building. We have been running a thriving toddler group for two years and a busy craft group for 3 years. These cater for the youngest and oldest in our community. We would now like to extend our involvement in the local community by providing a place for young people to get together.
We have a room which is only used for storage at the moment (see photos). We would love to be able to strip this out, decorate it and refurbish it to create a great space for young people. A room with wifi, a large screen TV, a place to chat, to play games, to play music, to get a hot drink when it's cold outside. We have already asked young people for ideas of what it could look like. We have the volunteers to do the work.
All we need is funding to make the room into the sort of attractive place that would appeal to this age group.

Oaks Community Church NE Derbyshire

Moment of Pride

Our Church congregation is only small but I am immensely proud to say that every member of our group is committed to serving the local community. As well as our own activities, people work for the local Foodbank, serve on school governing bodies, volunteer in charity shops etc. - they are amazing!

Location: Eckington