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Funding level: £1,001 to £5,000


MIN would like to develop its inter-generational performance project, involving dance, song and creative writing, drawing on issues around modern experiences of migration and integration as themes in the creative development of a final production.

The project will allow individuals, with varying levels of artistic experience, to engage in a creative process in which their voices and experiences are at the heart. Project participants will have the opportunity to see and understand how their ideas are developed and incorporated into an overall final piece that showcases, not only their voices, but their individual talents and skills, whether these are newly learned or shared and celebrated as part of a culturally rich and vibrant production. The performance will be accessible to a wide variety of audiences, who will have the chance to engage with the themes and issues explored in the piece.

Communities feel safer when they understand more about each other. By bringing disparate groups together, encouraging integration through the arts, and respect for others, the project will unite communities making them stronger and more resilient in the face of issues such as hate crime and anti-social behavior. The project encourages participation in activities that promote physical health and well-being, as well as improving access to social opportunities to relieve social isolation, reducing the risk of poor mental health.

As the project is based on the goal of integrating communities, people from all backgrounds and ages are welcome to join. Anyone that has a need to feel less isolated, more connected, and express themselves throughout a creative process, is eligible to join the project. Children and adults will work alongside one another throughout the rehearsals, and those with particular skills or abilities will have the opportunity to share these with the other members of the cast, and perform them as part of the final piece. Funding from the Aviva Community Fund would help the group to prepare for a performance at Glasgow’s Theatre Royal in February 2017. This performance will be a perfect opportunity for the group to showcase their work, to reach a wide audience and to celebrate their achievement together in one of Glasgow oldest and most beautiful theatres.

Project Video

Maryhill Integration Network

Moment of Pride

MIN is particularly proud of this project, and the participants involved, due to their courage in tackling difficult issues in creative yet inspiring ways. Watching a group of people of all ages and backgrounds dancing together, is a celebration of equality, unity and respect for all.

Location: Glasgow