Supporting the younger generation

Funding level: £10,001 to £25,000


The Roses has an exemplary record of both developing high quality and targeted participatory projects, and running a nationally acclaimed, vibrant youth theatre. This unique project combines both, extending the benefit of theatre based learning to young people across Gloucestershire.

The Lived Experience Theatre Company works with young people and professional actors to develop and deliver issue based learning that supports school PHSE and pastoral programmes. This creates a unique and memorable experience for young people, which passes on key information to help them live healthier, happier and safer lives.

This funding would enable us to deliver these performances to schools across Gloucestershire, extending the benefit to over 10,000 children and young people.

The performances detailed below have been:

• Co-produced with schools, young people, health and social care professionals,
• targeted to specific identified needs within schools, and
• aligned to Gloucestershire PSHE & Safeguarding Curriculums.

The programme is supported and endorsed by our extensive health and social care partnerships which include the NHS, Police, Children and Young People’s Services and Gloucestershire Domestic Abuse Support Service.

The programmes key outcomes will include:

• Improved health and wellbeing for children and young people across Gloucestershire..
• Modelling of creative learning processes for teachers, including opportunities for CPD.
• Improved links between health and social care partners and schools.
• Signposting for children and young adults to other cultural experiences.

As well as the 10,000 children and young people who benefit from the performances, a further
10 young people aged 14 – 20 will be involved in the co-production phase. These will be young people whom the Roses has worked with on other issue based programmes, including young people from Central Line, our young people’s mental health and arts forum.

6 young people aged 18 - 24 will be trained as actors in the Lived Experience Theatre Company. This is an amazing opportunity for young people to access paid, professional work experience.

The plays that we will be delivering are:

Home Sweet Home

“Recently placed in care, Craig’s future depends on your skills”
This performance provides the opportunity for pupils and staff to gain a better understanding of the ways a troubled home life can manifest itself through a pupil’s behaviour. Created with long term care leavers, this course focuses on maintaining successful relationships.

The Product Of Me

“Having just left school, Sarah is struggling to find her first job, she has one final interview to go. Can you help her do it?”

This interactive training encourages pupils to advise Sarah on how best to improve her chances of being employed. Supported by careers advice professionals, this play helps young people prepare for employment.

Let’s Get Beyond This
“Someone at school has their sexual orientation revealed. What happens next?”

Devised with equality specialists, this performance discusses common prejudices towards
Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual or Transgender people. How does it feel for an individual to have their sexual orientation referred to in any way?

Be Young, Be Foolish, But Be Healthy
“Everyone wants to be healthier, but it is hard to be bothered”

Scripted from a non-judgemental perspective this play acknowledges that modern life can tempt us to make the easy choices. Endorsed by health advisors, this training will equip children with small changes that will make a world of difference.
to work
‘Something’s not right. What should I do?”

This play brings together a selection of scenarios from the perception of three characters: a pupil, a parent and a teacher. Created in consultation with domestic abuse survivors and safeguarding leads, we explore the processes undertaken when concerns are raised and addresses the questions raised

The Roses Theatre Trust

Moment of Pride

We are proud to

● Share the experience of people from diverse backgrounds promoting inclusivity and compassion
● Teach children how to keep themselves and their peers healthy, happy and safe
● Provide professional experience for young actors
● Deliver high quality and engaging theatre

Location: Gloucestershire, United Kingdom