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For several years Abbie Wooldridge was a junior player at the club playing over 100 games for the junior and senior teams. Unfortunately when her team at the Colchester Town Ladies folded at the end of the 2012/13 season, she was persuaded to take over as the manager of the Under 11’s squad. That first season in 2014/15 did not go too well and their first match was lost 9-4 and was followed up by a 5-0 defeat. Although they drew their next match 3-3 and another 1-1, all their other league matches were lost as they finished the season bottom of the table, with just two points all season.

In the League Cup they did win their first match 2-0 but were rewarded with a visit to West Ham and although they were beaten 26-0, they never gave up and played right to the end. Several times during the year, they were to be commended for their enthusiasm and commitment. In that first season, most of their goals were scored by one player, but when she left to go to another club, things looked bleak for the start of the next season.

Another problem in that first year, was that games were seven aside, and rarely did they get more than seven girls, matches were often taken on with no subs, and others with just six players too. However the new 2015/16 season beckoned and a miracle happened suddenly lots of new players had joined the squad, and now the seven girls had increased to double figures, and they even had the luxury of subs too, Having already got one set of twins in the team, it was now had two sets in it now. However the need of a goalscorer then became evident as there was a distinct lack of goals in the first few games. In their first seven matches, all were lost, 34 goals were conceded and none were scored. Many teams at that stage would have given up, but they did not. Gradually the results got better and game 8 saw only a 2-1 loss, then finally in their tenth league match they finally won a game, 3-1 at Rayleigh. So after 22 league matches as a squad in two seasons, they had won a firt ever league game. Although they let a 3-0 lead slip in the next to draw 3-3, the confidence came flooding through and the defeats got less, and they began to score goals themselvesMuch of the credit must go to their manager Abbie, who continued to encourage her team constantly at training and in matches and they were rewarded with three further league successes before the season ended

To carrying on playing at the level that we are now, we would utilise the money to buy some new goal posts, and replace the old ones that we currently have. We would continue to promote girls football in the area, and with available money we would reduce our fees and make it more assessable for people to play the game that they love.

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By running a football team in Colchester, it has given the chance for girls to show off their skills on a Sunday and enjoy playing a sport, rather than just watching it. Each week, their matches are covered by an enthusiast who reports on their games and compiles a weekly programme for them and othe

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