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The Ambulance Wish Foundation UK. is a new charity, set up in November 2015. Based in Bury St Edmunds, they are working with local hospices to provide terminally ill patients with the resources and medical care to fulfil their final wishes, with the aim of extending this throughout the UK.

At the core of all hospice care is the desire to help each patient towards their ‘good death’ – one that is free from both physical and emotional pain. Whilst physical pain is relatively straightforward to alleviate, the emotional pain of being unable to return home to enjoy one last day in the garden, or to see a loved-one get married is slightly more complicated. Often the wishes are so simple, but the complex medical care these patients require makes fulfilling these last requests impossible. It is made even more difficult as many terminally ill patients require specially designed ambulances to leave the hospice and these are expensive and rarely available.

Inspired by a Dutch charity (Stichting Ambulance Wens), The Ambulance Wish Foundation’s mission is to give every terminally ill patient the resources, specialist transport and medical care they need to fulfil their final wishes so that they do not have to die without much-needed closure. By doing so they can help the patient and their family find peace in their final days, aiding them in finding a ‘good death’.

Ambulance Wish Foundation UK

Location: Suffolk, United Kingdom

Every volunteer believes that every terminally-ill patient deserves to have their last wish honoured before they die, easing emotional anguish and helping patients and families find peace. It is a hard job, but they do it with such a positive warm, reassuring attitude that is an inspiration to see.
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