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Funding level: £1,001 to £5,000


Girlguiding Ulster is an organisation that aims to provide girls and young women with the life skills that they need to prepare them for their future. It is important that our adult volunteers and girls are all trained in first aid to enable them to have essential life skills in their community and environment. In order to do this we need some medical training equipment to help equip our members so that they can handle any medical situations they may have to deal with. An essential part of the Adult Leadership programme is learning how to do CPR, this means that resuscianne dolls are required to give the hands-on training that is required. The Girlguiding Ulster Training Team will be able to train adult volunteers in how to use this equipment. Adult, child and baby dolls are required to ensure that this training is relevant and fit for purpose. The resuscianne dolls will be used as part of healthy heart days for Brownies aged 7-10 and first aid badge days for Guides aged 10-14. These days will be organised at the Training and Activity Centre for Girlguiding Ulster at Lorne, Holywood, The Outdoor Instructors will provide the training required to enable them to show the Brownies and Guides how to correctly use this equipment. This equipment will mean that we are training both adults and girls in essential life skills, so that if required they will be able to 'Save a Life'. The equipment will also be promoted to all units from across Northern Ireland so that they can gain their first aid badges. This equipment will be able to be used over the coming years and it is hoped that over 250 girls and adults will use the equipment each year. In summary a number of resuscianne dolls are needed to be able to provide the training programme that is needed to adult volunteers. The Ulster Training Team will deliver this training, but will need to have their volunteer expenses paid. The Outdoor Instructor Team will need to be trained in the new equipment so that they can incorporate this into healthy heart and first aid badge days for Brownie and Guides.

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Girlguiding Ulster is part of a worldwide movement that enables girls and young women to fulfil their potential to take an active and responsible role in society through its distinctive and enjoyable programme. There are 12,000 members across N Ireland and we offer a wide range of opportunities.

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