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Funding level: £10,001 to £25,000


Orange Box has a fantastic record of helping the young people of Calderdale with over 1000 young people through our doors in three years for various projects. We now want to start to help the SEN Young people of Calderdale by providing 1 evening a week in which they are the focus. Every Tuesday Orange Box will provide a 4 hour session between 4pm and 8pm where we will give the SEN young people aged 13-18 of Calderdale a chance to come to the centre and partake in some activities. Within the building we have a theatre space, dance space, cinema, recording studio, rehearsal rooms, arts space, media suite, bouldering tunnel and Skate Park. We are also soon to develop a rooftop garden with the ability to grow and plant food we can then transfer into our café downstairs for customers. All this choice means that the Young people will be able to shape a programme that suits them.

After speaking to local SEN young people (and developing the name Power Box) we have discovered that many are socially isolated and do not get chance to socialise with peers. This was evident when speaking to our steering group for the project from Ravenscliffe High School who said that many of the activities they do are based around playing computer games at home or generally just being at home watching the television. After consultation with them they are very keen to do some activities at the centre and also act as leaders for other young people with additional needs in the local area who may want to come and experience the centre. You can see a hint of the feedback we received in our video attachment.

Before we start we will use the SEN young people's steering group we acquired at Ravenscliffe, the local council, Ravenscliffe school itself and other key partners to develop a structure in which the young people are the leaders of the Orange Box Tuesday night programme. We will use all these partners to increase our accessibility through training, support and improving our procedures and policies. The project will then start with their ideas and with a heavy focus on music as that was a key area identified by the group. We will work with our partners Imagineer to provide workshops for the young people in this area. As the programme continues and expands the overall aim will be to have a variety of activities all happening at once for the young people to get involved in. We want the young people to run the centre, helping to serve in the café, supporting workshop leaders, watching reception and various other key areas including being peer mentors to others who come and take part.

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Orange Box Young People's centre

Moment of Pride

Orange Box Young People’s Centre is a centre for the young people of Calderdale designed by the young people of Calderdale. Its state of the art facilities and equipment mean its the perfect place for young people to come to work on projects and receive support from ourselves or our partners.

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