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Funding level: Up to £1,000


You probably know about the plan to re-introduce wolves to Scotland, well next summer Wild Wolf Explorer Scouts are heading for the border! We’re swapping London buses for canoes and trainers for boots, ditching the High Street and taking the high road - hiking, wild camping and even canyoning, whatever that is! Our annual Summer Camp is an amazing experience, a chance for us to leave the city behind for an exciting and challenging adventure during which we’ll learn about ourselves, each other and our world... but we need your help.

We are a mixed group of young people aged 14 -18 from across Haringey, we’re a welcoming, inclusive and ambitious group led by fantastic volunteers who give up their free time to deliver life-changing experiences which we wouldn’t otherwise have. At Wild Wolf we develop organisational and planning skills, self-discipline, teamwork, motivation, leadership, communication, cultural awareness, time management and commitment. We learn skills including: navigation, First Aid, survival, cooking, climbing and archery. Since the unit began in 2009 we have climbed to the top of Snowdon, surfed in Cornwall, cycled to Paris, slept out in improvised shelters in the snow, walked hundreds of miles on Duke of Edinburgh expeditions, earned Jack Petchey and Queen’s Scout Awards, and been to Jamborees in Holland, Denmark, Austria and Switzerland. Not bad for a bunch of city kids…

Next summer we hope to start by hiking, canoeing and camping at Loch Lomond. Then on to Fort William Youth Hostel for more hiking as well as the aforementioned canyoning - apparently this involves abseiling, rope work and navigation, learning how to deal with rescue situations and wilderness first aid! Then it will be time to really get away from it all and put our skills to the test by wild camping on the Isle of Skye or in the Cairngorms. We’ll return to civilisation via the beautiful city of Edinburgh, arriving just in time to experience the Fringe Festival.

We know that opportunities like this are few and far between, we’ll work hard to make it happen and we’ll enjoy every minute of it - even when we’re wet and muddy, in fact especially when we’re wet and muddy! We value being members of the Scout movement and being part of Wild Wolf is very special. As one Explorer put it “Scouts offers me an essential escape from my stresses, worries and problems in my life. Without it I wouldn’t be the person I am”. Another says: “Scouts and Wild Wolf have been the most exciting and liberating part of my life for many years now. It's a place where you can be yourself with no fear of humiliation as well as providing opportunities that I don't think I could get anywhere else with the most amazing bunch of people. My family, Scouts!”

But as I said, we need your help. Living in London is expensive, especially for young people. Haringey in particular is a borough in which many families are on a low income and struggle to make ends meet. Around half the Explorers in the Unit will need financial support for Summer Camp. That’s where our Hardship Fund comes in, because the other thing you probably know about wolves is that the pack makes the wolf strong and the wolf makes the pack strong… everybody is valued and nobody gets left behind. We work hard over the year to raise money for this fund and have a confidential policy which means that it’s easy to ask for help. We’re really proud to be able to say that nobody has ever missed out because money is tight.

We need to raise £2500 for our Summer Camp Hardship Fund by July 2017. We have already raised some of this through community events and bag-packing at local super-markets. £1000 would go a long way towards helping us reach this target, directly benefitting young people in a borough where they are so often dismissed or demonised, suffer high levels of stress and have few opportunities to take part in outdoor activity or simply to connect to the environment. So please, vote Wild Wolf!

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Wild Wolf Explorer Scout Unit (WWESU)

Moment of Pride

Explorers support each other to achieve great things, “before I joined Wild Wolf I was saying to myself that I can’t do this, I can’t climb a hill. Look at me now, I’ve hiked in Switzerland! You only live once. So make your life the best you can, this is what scouting has done for me”.

Location: London Borough of Haringey, United Kingdom