Sport in the community

Funding level: £10,001 to £25,000

Submitted by: Enelsea Financial Planning Ltd


Gloucester Boathouse will be the new home in Gloucester for rowing, canoeing and other paddle sports, drawing participants from across Gloucestershire; the boathouse will come into operation in late 2016. Because of limited funding, it has been necessary to reduce the initial specification of the building to the bare minimum which has meant that some features that would help both the environment, and reduce running costs, have had to be deferred.

One item deferred has been the installation of solar panels to reduce the usage (and hence cost) of electricity taken from the National Grid. The estimated cost of procurement and installation is £23000 (including unrecoverable VAT).

The lead users of the new boathouse will be Gloucester Rowing Club and Gloucester Canoe Club which are both open to all members of the community regardless of age or ability. They offer both competitive and recreational paddling for people from 8-80+, the latter supporting Government initiatives to encourage more people to take regular exercise.

The clubs’ current facilities are not suited to those with disabilities with only a limited range of Adaptive Rowing (rowing for the disabled) being offered.
The new boathouse will offer the full range of adaptive facilities for rowing and canoeing; British Rowing has designated it to be the Adaptive Rowing Centre for the Wiltshire, Avon, Gloucestershire and Somerset region.

The new facility will not only be a home for the clubs mentioned above, but will enable us to reach out to a wider range of potential participants. It is anticipated that the opportunity to try rowing and canoeing will be offered to a range of community groups e.g. Scouts, youth clubs etc. There will also be engagement with the local health and educational authorities to identify how the facilities can be used to benefit the disadvantaged.

In the first 5 years of operation, the new boathouse is expected to be used by at least 1100 people making a total of over 450,000 visits.

By supporting this project, you will enable us to support the environment and reduce the annual running costs of our new boathouse. The money saved can then be used by the clubs to promote their sports and support their initiatives to reach out to a wider participation group.

If this application is successful, it is expected that the project would be completed within 3 months of the award date.

Gloucester Boathouse Ltd

Location: Gloucester

The Gloucester Boathouse project has been running for about 8 years and, entirely through the efforts of a small number of volunteers, has raised over £1.5M to build a new boathouse which will support a step change increase in the numbers of people who are actively taking part in these sports.
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