Supporting the younger generation

Funding level: Up to £1,000


The purpose of our project is to purchase shooting equipment for the whole Scout group to use. We don't currently have any equipment for the group but it is an activity that our young people always enjoy on camp. We would use the money to purchase equipment to enable Cubs, Beavers, Scouts and Explorers to learn and experience shooting.
With over 120 members in our group and more joining all time we would be able to offer an exciting sporting activity to a large section of our community. We would also be able to provide "have a go" sessions during our open days and family fun days enabling the wider community to get a taste of this fantastic sport.
Some of our leaders are keen to undertake the training to be able to teach shooting to our young people and the wider community and they are well on their way to becoming instructors but we also have access to some fabulous district instructors who can come to our HQ to help out.
If we win the funding we will be able to buy a range of equipment including targets and air rifles which will mean that our young people will be able to take part in this exciting activity.
As part of this project we would also purchase equipment relating to the setting up, safe storage and maintenance which will mean that not only will they be able to take part in the activity safely but can learn lots of new skills.
We would love to teach shooting to our young people as it is a sport that everyone can join in with, even our members with a disability. It also improves focus, teaches patience and improves self confidence. It's an activity that can be done outside in the summer months and in the winter months we can do it inside. It's a very social sport and we can use it to teach our children teamwork by getting them ready to take part in district and county scouting shooting events and competitions.
Once we have our equipment the ongoing costs are minimal so the group will be able to continue to enjoy the activity for many years to come.
We have priced up everything we need and £1000 will mean that if we are successful in our bid we can start holding shooting sessions straight away.
Please vote for us and help the young people of Market Drayton shoot for the stars.

2nd Market Drayton Scout Group

Location: Market Drayton

Market Drayton Scout Group offers fun and excitement for over 120 young people in the Town of Market Drayton. We have members ranging in age from 6 to 66 and welcome everyone with open arms. This project would allow us to offer a different, adventurous and sporting activity to more of our members.
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