Supporting the younger generation

Funding level: £10,001 to £25,000


At our village school which caters for all backgrounds from the parish and surrounding areas we are lucky enough to have an outdoor swimming pool. Unfortunately we are now in need of two replacement boilers. Without the replacements the children will not be able to use the swimming pool which is heavily relied on to teach all year groups how to swim and become strong safe swimmers. It is a requirement of the curriculum that children are able to swim and many parents within the school cannot afford private lessons or the transport costs to the nearest public facility.

We are incredibly lucky to have this facility within our school when so many local schools have had to close theirs. All the children love their swimming classes in the summer and it would be heart-breaking to no longer be able to support them in this sport. The boilers would provide heating to allow the children to swim at a safe and pleasant temperature. The school through the swimming pool and the teachers training allow even the most nervous of children a safe and happy atmosphere to participate and be encouraged in. With a forceful tidal river in the heart of the parish and within walking distance of many children’s homes it is essential that we provide children the essential skills to cope with their environment.

Friends of St Mary's School, Pulborough

Moment of Pride

Our PTA supports the school & its children. They pay for perks that many of our families would miss out on eg Christmas Pantomime. It’s an effective charity & events are enjoyed by the families & all local community. They will be unable to raise needed funds on their own in time for the summer term.

Location: Pulborough, Horsham District, United Kingdom