Sport in the community

Funding level: £10,001 to £25,000


Hamilton the most northeasterly suburb of Leicester and is rapidly expanding. However the infrastructure of amenities for the rising community is not growing at the same rate. The electoral role of 2011 stated that the ward of Hamilton and Humberstone has approximately 18,854 people.

Leicester Nirvana has seen a noticeable rise in the number of children wishing to take part in football within the Hamilton area. This has put a strain on the current facilities and therefor the club has set a plan to develop the facility so that it may better cope with the needs of the rising community.

Hamilton Park has long suffered from waterlogged pitches and has meant that much of the winter part of the season is often postponed due to unplayable surfaces. The process to treat pitches such as this is an expensive one but also necessary. Nirvana would like to invest in drainage for the pitches and space can be better used.

Secondly, as the club grows there is a need to refurbish the kitchen space with up to date appliances and to make the space more suited to the clubs need. The aim is to turn a storage cupboard into a usable kitchen space. This would require internal building works to upgrade the current space.

The club is also currently developing its ground so that the senior team (who is the highest playing club in the City boundaries) can share the same home as the juniors and minis. This will unite the club under one roof, which is something long overdue.

This development project will mean that Leicester Nirvana could:
• Continue to support children from as young as 5 years old to under 18.
• Provide a much needed better space for community functions and events.
• Unite the entire club under one roof.
• Provide a better football opportunities and a pathway from juniors to men’s football in one place.
• Secure a standard of facility that can sustain the clubs ability for years to come.
• Continue to provide volunteering opportunities to local residents.

Leicester Nirvana

Moment of Pride

The volunteers of Leicester Nirvana are committed to providing young people with a safe place to grow and develop by using sport as a vehicle. Many of them do not have any children at the club yet they spend their time helping others. The volunteers and the community deserve to be rewarded.

Location: Leicester