Sport in the community

Funding level: £5,001 to £10,000


BSRFC is a community club with some 1,500 members of whom 650 are active players of both sexes and from age 6 to adults. In addition to playing rugby, the club seeks to be a hub for the community as a whole. Currently, there is an annual footfall of over 150,000, which number includes activities provided by some 14 community groups from aerobics to foreign language lessons. BSRFC has very strong links with local charities that include a hospice, for which it raised over £10,000 last season, and a local MENCAP group called Grove Cottage. Besides those already attending the club, plans are afoot to link with Hertford Regional College to set up an academy at which 16-18 year olds, not wishing to take A Levels or go to university, can study for a Btec in Sports Science, Maths and English. Those subjects would be taught in the club’s community rooms. The course will include also training for coaching and refereeing proficiency as well as physical activity on the club’s pitches. By offering its premises to the community, it is engaging also with local businesses and has set up a networking organisation that meets regularly at the club. Consideration is being given currently to linking with a local charity that provides help and guidance to people in the area, including school students. The charity, Kickstart Trust has offered, at no cost, to run training sessions at the club for young people who need help with preparing CVS, interview techniques, career choices and job searching techniques.

All of those community and club activities that take place in the community rooms require a safe and attractive environment. To that end, over the past 2 years, the club has invested £250,000 in improvements to its community facilities that has increased its attractiveness to local organisations. However, the growth in community usage following those improvements has made it necessary for the club to update its existing fire alarm system which is the focus of this project. The club’s fire and safety consultant, having examined the market, has recommended the installation of a completely new system that will meet BS5839-1:2013 L4 and will comprise an Advance fire alarm panel with Apollo XP95 field devices, together with appropriate door opening mechanisms. The total quoted cost, including installation and testing, is £6,411.58 (excluding VAT).

On its own, the new system will not necessarily increase the usage of the club’s facilities but, in conjunction with the other improvements already carried out, it will enable BSRFC to offer the community a facility that has a very safe, as well as attractive, environment and will certainly feature in any future marketing strategy.

Bishop's Stortford Rugby Football Club

Location: Hadham Road, Bishop's Stortford, United Kingdom

Being a community based club, BSRFC is proud to be regarded as a centre of excellence for the local area, providing facilities second to none. This project, being in the public's interest, will enhance the club's reputation in that respect and of that we shall be very proud.
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