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Funding level: Up to £1,000


Abergavenny Road Club is a friendly, busy, cycle club

As a Disability Accredited, development club and welcome up to 80 young riders aged between 5 and 16 to cycle, provided by qualified coaches and willing, patient, parent volunteers sessions every Saturday morning. The sessions are fully inclusive, involve fitness, skills, racing and lots of fun, and as importantly are free of charge.

The club invests in its volunteers and has 10 coaches, 2 Welfare Officers and a host of helpers. Coaches take turns to Lead sessions, and rotate groups each week – this ensures that volunteers and riders develop, together. We create a fantastic, friendly atmosphere and encourage riders and their parents to get involved with the club and the sport of cycling.

Abergavenny Road Club encourages female cyclists and volunteers, and we received national recognition when we were finalists in the Womens' Sports Trust Awards, held at the South Bank in London. The club was voted Welsh Cycling Club of the Year in 2013, 2014 and 2015, and is a finalist in the Go Ride Club of the Year for 2016.

Our coaches and volunteers turn up for sessions, in any weather, without fail and wear their own clothes. This project will allow the club to purchase red hoodies, thereby bringing some uniformity to what our volunteers wear and allow them to be instantly recognisable to new members and friends. We cannot do this without funding, as we do not charge for our sessions.

Abergavenny Road Club

Location: Abergavenny

I am proud to be one of the Lead Coaches with this fabulous group of volunteers who expect little for their efforts. Seeing young riders progress through skills, racing and friendship is special, getting their parents and friends involved in cycling is even better
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