Supporting the younger generation

Funding level: £10,001 to £25,000


To excavate land for the purpose of installing a modular building (cabin) adjacent to the current band hall and connecting it to the required utilities, thus providing both male, female and disabled toilet facilities which we have not had since the construction of the initial hall in 1959, as well as providing additional rehearsal rooms. This will provide for more space for training and development activities to enhance the individuals within the group.

The band recruits and attracts young people from a diverse range of society aged 9 upwards. Through their involvement in the band, these young people learn invaluable life skills including discipline, team work, leadership, respect for others and individual pride. Such qualities prepare them for life following full time education. The organisation also gives them the opportunity to travel and perform throughout the United Kingdom and abroad, opportunities that would rarely be available to some considering their socio-economic backgrounds.

As part of their training in the band, the members are initially taught to march and then learn to read music and play a musical instrument. Such an organisation is becoming ever more important in today's society given the financial pressures facing local schools, which can no longer provide musical tuition to the same extent as they have done in the past. In many cases, parents are required to pay for the loan of an instrument as well as the music lessons, here the instrument is provided and tuition given by qualified volunteers including musicians from H.M. Armed Forces, many of whom began their musical careers within our band itself.

Whilst the band does carry the name of The Royal British Legion, we are totally self funded and do not receive any financial support from The Royal British Legion. All funds are raised by parents and supporters of the band.

As you can see, we are a very established youth group which has been a part of the local community since its formation in 1952. Thousands of young people have passed through the ranks of the band during those years and we are now looking at some families having been involved for three generations!

The current Band Director joined the band in 1978 and took over the band in 2002. He was recognised by Her Majesty The Queen in 2014 for his services to youth and music in the community when he was awarded the British Empire Medal in her New Year's Honours List.

By enhancing the facilities as described above, we will be able to attract and recruit more young people from the community thus ensuring a safe environment in which they can flourish and progress. This group gives many young people an extra-curricular activity which compliments academic progress and personal development.

A major benefit of this project will be to have our own toilet facilities including disabled toilets, thus ensuring that the youth group is self contained and its members safety is realised. Currently, members have to leave the premises in all types of weather to walk up a driveway to The Royal British Legion Clubhouse in order to use their toilets. As you can imagine, during dark winter nights this is far from an ideal situation.

Furthermore, this project will enable us to continue instilling the great values and ideals of the band into future generations with first class facilities.

Help us to continue the good work in our local community that our predecessors have done for the past 64 years!

Project Video

Music on the March (1952) Limited performing as The Royal British Legion Band and Corps of Drums Romford

Moment of Pride

Seeing the development of young individuals from the age of 9 taking with them all the experience they have gained here into their adult life. It is always rewarding to see those from a less fortunate background flourish and create a better life for themselves as a result of the qualities taught.

Location: Romford