Supporting the younger generation

Funding level: £10,001 to £25,000


What was your primary school experience like? What do you remember most? Was it the lessons, the homework or the experiences – from warm summer playtimes to trips to the farm or the park?

We at Priestmead Primary School have a clear school vision:
-We believe all learning should be purposeful and meaningful
-We believe children should learn skills for whatever the future brings
-We believe our children can be world changers

We are preparing our children to solve problems in the future which may not even exist yet! To have an inspired, motivated generation be ready to be the adults of the future, will require a passionate curriculum to enable them to grow and develop.

Outdoor learning is proven to have a significant impact on the way children learn, their appreciation and respect for the environment, their opportunities to collaborate and explore but also to have fun...children need a safe environment in which to have fun, take risks and see that learning is more than a SATs test or a worksheet!

However, in these times of austerity, school budgets are tighter than ever.

Over the 2016-17 academic year, we have our "dreams" for our 780 Priestmead children aged 3-11, their families and the various community clubs who use our school site. We want to ensure that every child and young person has a learning experience which is fun, memorable and enables them to go on to be our most successful generation of the future.

We are 100 days away from moving into a brand new 21st century school building due to our existing building being no longer fit for purpose as we expand to nearly 900 children by 2020. However, the funding of the building does not transform the landscape.

So we are reaching out through Aviva and our amazing community to have a once in a lifetime opportunity as the school community celebrates its 80th birthday, to create a new legacy for now and all future generations. This would be an incredible achievement.

We are hoping to raise £60,000 to help fund a new playground development incorporating both quiet experiences for the introverted child, outdoor learning, a sensory garden, new climbing and new play equipment. This links into our focus on Forest School education, bringing a farm onto the school site and develop a passion with all our children for sustainable vegetable growing.

For a child living in London to go to a school which values the outdoor environment as much as a child would experience in a village school in the countryside, means we are able to provide something quite unique for our children but also local children in the community and in nearby schools. Sadly, the world we live in today means living in London is not conducive to children going for bike rides and playing in the park until sunset without so many safeguarding worries and risks. As a school, we want to provide those experiences we know make a difference and will build the confidence and self-esteem of all our children.

We need the Aviva global community to help make the dreams of a community of over 1000 children and adults to come true for now and the future.

We asked our younger children what they would like in their outdoor environment. Please choose us and let's make their dreams (no matter how imaginative!) come true! Enjoy the video :-)

Project Video

Priestmead Primary School

Moment of Pride

As the current Headteacher and a former student of the school, I know what a positive difference Priestmead can make to every child. To be a part of creating a legacy for all our current and future children to enjoy and value is something that would make our community proud. @priestmeadproud

Location: Harrow