Health, disability & well-being

Funding level: £1,001 to £5,000


The project is to improve the health of frail elderly, disabled and disadvantaged people in Bournemouth who are finding it difficult to access healthcare at their local hospital due to a lack of suitable and affordable transport. This client group find it difficult to use Public Transport which may be due to distance from bus stops, travelling in a wheelchair or another reason and rely very heavily on taxis. They have to limit the amount of journeys taken due to expense.

There is no -one offering low cost door to door hospital transport currently and as a local community transport charity with expertise in providing transport in Bournemouth we want to help.

We plan to solve this problem by providing a service to take this group of people to their appointments. Patient transport provided by the hospital is only available to those who have a severe medical need at the time and excludes all but the very ill.

There is no -one offering help currently and as a local community transport charity with expertise in providing transport in Bournemouth we know that we can make a difference.

We have at least 6 new enquiries per week from people who have mobility problems and who end up having to get a taxi which typically costs upwards of £25.00 for a return journey.

We want to offer a new minibus service which will pick people up from their homes and take them to their appointment and then home again. We have an accessible vehicle and drivers available and we have experience of running services for this client group.There will be a charge for using this service to cover the running costs but it will be affordable for the people who rely on taxis or their relatives who may have to take time off work.

At the moment we do not have the resources within other projects to offer this service.

The cost of the pilot (taking into account some driver costs) is £13,113. We expect to take around 20 people per week; we have a current membership basis of around 500 people with mobility problems and we would expect that another 200 people would join the scheme to use the new service. This would be a service which would be available to 500 - 1,000+ people in Bournemouth.

If we set a user fare of £9.00 return per member there is a shortfall of £5,000 which we need to cover for this service.

Bournemouth has the largest population in Dorset and there are over 58,000 people aged 70 or older or consider themselves limited by disability. Many people come to Bournemouth to retire and at some point these people give up driving and have to rely on other transport. Some of these people will have a health problem which limits their mobility; with an aging population comes more health challenges, mobility issues and long term physical and mental illness.

By providing this affordable service we will give people a means of getting to the out of town hospital location to attend their appointment, preventing further deterioration in health through missed or delayed appointments which will lead to a reduction in hospital admissions.

Elderly and disabled people will not have to choose between paying to get to a hospital appointment or paying another bill or for a trip out.

If people are able to access services easily and cheaply then they will stay healthier for longer, be able to live independently at home reducing the cost burden on the Public Purse.

We are told by other agencies in Bournemouth that lack of suitable and affordable transport for elderly patients is a problem which G P's in the area are concerned about and leads to delays in follow up appointments.

£5,000 would enable the service to be rolled out in the first year with a fare of £9.00 return. We have established from asking people that this fare is affordable for them and that they would use the service when available.

This service will be offered 4 days a week and people will phone to book the accessible minibus which will pick them up from their door.

South East Community Accessible Transport (SEDCAT)

Moment of Pride

Our members tell us that they could not live independently without the services we offer. As an Organisation we break down barrierrs that prevent older and disabled people leading full and fullfilling lives;tackling problems of social isolation by bringing people out of their homes and together.

Location: Bournemouth