Community support

Funding level: £5,001 to £10,000


Patcham memorial hall (PMH) a registered charity was built in 1927 by subscriptions from the people of Patcham (on the outskirts of Brighton) to commemorate the young men of the village who died in the First World War.It rapidly became and still is, the cornerstone of our local community. In 1963 the physical asset was vested in the Official Custodian for Charities.

The hall supports a wide range of activities for people of all ages. It has a superb dance floor so we host many social dance activities including ballroom, jive and Scottish as well as various classes for people from across Brighton, young and old. It is regularly used by the U3A (University of the Third Age) WI (Women’s Institute), accommodating up to a hundred people. People of all ages fondly remember going to children's parties, weddings and even funeral events here. We support various children's groups and actively encourage the development of new initiatives and activities.
The 2011 census indicated that 35% of the residents in the two local Wards are aged 65 and over. It is anticipated that by 2021 the population aged 85 and over is predicted to increase by over 16%. But the project is also focused on the younger community as well as families to enable everyone to enjoy the hall and community activities.

This year we improved access to the hall by replacing a temporary removable ramp by the construction of a permanent ramp with support railings and repositioning a new fire door. This has enabled easy access for those using wheelchairs and pushchairs, thereby extending the range of people using the hall in comfort, safety and easiness. We want to welcome all people into the hall. The cost was about £4000 paid for from our funds and donations.

Our project falls into two areas:

1. Easy access/disability toilets and baby changing facilities:
We now want to develop further these initiatives by replacing the existing male and female toilets with an easy access toilet and baby changing facilities and a unisex toilet, modernising and improving this area. We believe that this would have the greatest impact on our service to the community. Our poor toilet facilities are frequently commented on by our users so it is vital that we do this as soon as possible. We have already obtained planning permission for this work and are ready to go ahead as soon as funds are available. The estimate for this work is £4700.

2. Insulating the interior of the roof; last year, exacerbated by bad weather, the roof started to leak badly and we were advised to replace the entire roof, which we did at a cost of £25,000, paid for from our building maintenance fund and donations. However building regulations require that we need to insulate the interior of the ceiling to the required depth at an estimated cost of £4000 within three years.

This insulation will benefit us by reducing our heating bills in the winter and making the hall cooler in summer. It will support our continual efforts to upgrade and modernise the hall, fulfilling sustainability criteria and ensuring the literal longevity of our premises.

Both these developments form part of the trustees' ongoing commitment modernise the hall bringing it up to present day standards of safety, convenience and embracing all sections of the community who we have served successfully for the last ninety years, and many years into the future.

Patcham Memorial Hall

Moment of Pride

This project fulfils the trustees' ongoing commitment to modernise the hall bringing it up to present day standards of safety and convenience for the benefit of all the local community now and into it's second century of service. It also ensures the continued legacy of the hall's foundation.

Location: Brighton