Health, disability & well-being

Funding level: Up to £1,000


Brixton and Norwood Foodbank provided emergency food to 6536 people in 2015
St Paul's Church Brixton houses the Foodbank which opens on Tuesday and Saturday mornings. Teams of volunteers work to provide Foodbank Clients with free food, support and advice. All of the food that we give out is donated. We do this because we don’t think anyone in our community should have to face going hungry.

With winter coming, we want to be able to offer Foodbank clients a hot meal. We currently don't have a working cooker, and our kitchen is not fully functional. Currently we are able to provide tea and biscuits. We would like to provide more.

We also want to be able to extend our Eat Well, Spend Less Project to our St Paul's Church Brixton Foodbank centre. The project gives local people the confidence and skills to cook on a budget and provide healthy meals for themselves and families.

St Paul's Church Brixton runs a fortnightly community seniors group. We would like to be able to provide attendees with a hot meal.

We would like to use the £1000 to purchase a functioning cooker, a dishwasher and make kitchen improvements.

St Paul's with St Saviour's Church

Moment of Pride

Staffed by volunteers, with donated food, St Paul's Church welcomes in people in poverty, and local seniors. Lives have been tranformed by services provided but we passionately want to do more. With a working cooker we can further help people in need by providing hot meals and cookery lessons

Location: London