Supporting the younger generation

Funding level: £5,001 to £10,000


The Art Journal Project supports young people aged 8-18 years old to express their thoughts, feelings, and emotions creatively through art. It aims to boost emotional wellbeing and promote positive mental health in young people.

The Need:
Young people are being faced with increased social and educational pressures that they do not always have the coping strategies to deal with. Everyday stressors, such as peer issues or exams, can become too difficult for young people to manage and may result in some young people turning to harmful or destructive behaviours to cope.

There has been a steady increase in the number of young people, both locally and nationally, suffering from poor emotional and mental health. This is shown through increases in the numbers of young people self harming, suffering from anger issues, and having a negative self image.

There is a clear need for early intervention support for young people to be able to effectively and positively manage emotional and mental health issues.

The Project:
Art Journals are a therapeutic way of supporting young people to deal with thoughts and feelings that they may struggle to verbalise.

Sessions are run in groups of up to 6 young people in either a school or community setting, and are facilitated by specially trained staff to guide and teach young people how to use art to boost emotional wellbeing. Each young person receives a journal which is theirs to keep and create their own individual pages in. Each session focuses on exploring an emotion, dealing with individual issues or trauma, and boosting wellbeing.

We would like £10,000 to enable us to run 12 Art Journal groups across settings in Gloucester and Tewkesbury. This would improve the emotional wellbeing of up to 70 young people across Gloucestershire.

- Improved emotional wellbeing in youg people
- Ability to use art as a coping strategy
- Reduction in negative coping behaviours in young people

Feedback from young people who have taken part in the project:

“I have learnt how to manage my feelings through art. I will use my journal when I’m stressed or if I can’t tell my emotions to anyone”

“I liked that we were able to talk about our feelings and learn how to cope by drawing/using art”

“I have learnt a new way to relax and I will be using the journal at home”

Community Family Care

Moment of Pride

This project enables vulnerable young people to get the support they need before reaching crisis point. The creative and flexible approach of the staff and organisation means that the work is centred on the child/young person's needs, making me extremely proud to be part of this project.

Location: Gloucestershire, United Kingdom