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Funding level: £1,001 to £5,000


The Bumblefoot Rock Project was founded in 2015 to specifically inspire young people aged between 6 and 18 years of age to learn how to play musical instruments, write their own music and songs, join and form bands, record their own music, make their own music videos and to perform live on stage.

Shipton RF & VH Charity was set-up to provide community facilities and projects that both engage and inspire the local people. Bumblefoot Rock Project is one of the charity's projects and is in-line with these aims. Ron ’Bumblefoot’ Thal, an international musician, was inspired to hear the ideas of the charity and went into partnership with the project; giving his name, advice and direction.

Young musicians come to the halls ‘Rock Room’ at least once a week for individual or band sessions with experienced musicians. The project offers an unusual experience in a fun and inviting environment. The students start by writing their own material, they are then mentored to enable them to take the song from paper to instrument, to video, to performance and the creation of their own CD. This process is consistently followed using the ‘Rock Journal’ syllabus . The Rock Journal is an active book containing guidance and support put together by the Charity Manager, Lee Wyatt-Buchan, and Ron ‘Bumblefoot’ Thal.

The Rock Room is open weekly and during school holidays when individuals and bands produce their own CD by the end of the week and perform their song to parents and other project musicians.

The Rock Room has been an on-going development project with the recent addition of the recording booth. Each stage of development is carefully considered to ensure we are able to offer the best experience possible to our members. The facilities also ensure that the end product achieved by individuals and bands is of the highest quality. So far the Rock Room and music stations (equipment whereby bands can work together in close proximity without infringing on each other’s work) allow for song-writing; song development with music; and artistry. The booth provides an excellent enclosed and professional recording facility. The booth not only enhances the quality of the end product but provides the members with a fun experience that feels very professional and grown-up. Our developing technology allows the musicians to work alongside their mentor to mix their music and develops their understanding of how the profession creates different sounds to produce the CD’s/downloads etc.

The funds you will help us to raise will enable us to buy the equipment needed to further enhance the journey of our members. The PA System and Lighting we plan to invest this grant in will create an exciting and inviting place for our young musicians to perform their songs and music. Many of the students that we meet are shy or hesitant when they walk through the door. With mentoring from those who have walked in the same shoes of a beginner they can develop into a proud owner of a composition that they would like to share. Imagine the stage...instruments in place; performer sound checking; curtains open; lights on; volume up; and wham!

The project would like to provide the very environment these students imagine when they think of rock music performance so that their growth into an able performer can be truly realised. Stagecraft and video recording can then naturally follow along with an array of skills that all of our members can take forward with confidence into whatever walk of life they chose.

Shipton RF & VH Charity - Bumblefoot Rock Project

Location: Shipton-under-Wychwood

Meeting inspiring, raw, hopeful and enthusiastic people of all ages who come to the project with determination and spirit. Then watching them grow into talented and confident musicians with an array of very individual writer, guitarist, drummer, video editor, project mentor...
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