Community support

Funding level: Up to £1,000


As a non-profit community group we have to apply for funding or hold fund raising events to generate money, our aim over the last three years was to "Make our Village Smile with Flowers" for us to continue to do this and develop area's of interest around the village we require funding. What we have achieved in the last three years with such a small team has been amazing and the support from the local businesses and community has been outstanding and we really feel we are making a difference not just to the residents and businesses but to visitors to Wallasey Village and New Brighton. The responses we receive on Facebook and in the streets is truly humbling and this gives us the drive to continue our work we seem to have created a real 'community spirit' in the village.
We have a small but keen membership of all ages and backgrounds with regular meetings, newsletters and a Facebook page. We work in conjunction with the Council and have the support of local traders and businesses. We have links with other similar community groups within the area. The objective of the organisation is to bring pride back into the Village and unify the different areas by the use of flowers and planters.
We would love to expand the current number of barrier and floor planters that we have, at present we have 29 barrier planters and 6 half barrel planters. The majority of the barrier planters were relocated from other areas by the Council, The remainder have been purchased from money raised either by applying for grants or fundraising. We would like to be able in a position to purchase a further 10 barrier planters to increase the overall impact in the village. We consider that we have the capability to keep these maintained for the foreseeable future by the current membership and volunteers. Fundraising would be carried out in the future for ongoing planting.
We also look after a large flowered circle opposite Wallasey Golf Club we require ongoing maintenance of this grassed area to create a fabulous impact for passers by, the church and the golf club. This area has also been used as a back drop for weddings in the summer.
We have struggled this year with transporting water around the village to water all the planters, we are looking at setting up water stations at different parts of the village. The use of water butts will not only assist our aching backs but we are thinking of the environment as well by using rain water and not tap water.
We feel that the enhancements that we can provide will benefit all the local businesses, residents and visitors to the area. We feel with this funding we will be able to make a bigger impact to our community almost immediately.
Thank you for your time and we hope for a successful response.

Wallasey Village in Bloom

Moment of Pride

In the short 3 years that "Wallasey Village in Bloom" has been operating we have transformed the village and the surrounding areas with fantastic planters full of flowers, boat areas by the seaside. We have surpassed our own expectations with support of the local businesses and community.

Location: Wallasey