Supporting the younger generation

Funding level: £5,001 to £10,000


We are looking with your support to dramatically improve our toys and soft play for our children in our mighty mite’s soft play.

The session is a great place for the community and gives parents some rest bite whilst their children enjoy the safe fun environment. Parents also use the centre for a great place to socialise with other parents.

Our soft play is in need of a revamp and with the funds we can help bring the session back up to suitable fun and safe standards.

We have around 10,000 visits a week to our centre, we currently host activities for children, with this included weekly sessions and family fun days which are really well attended and children’s parties.

We work with numerous clubs and partnerships creating active and healthy communities and feel our current provision is detrimental to users, with your support we can improve this area dramatically and help us achieve our mission which is creating active and healthy communities.

We host a number of sessions for the community and want to provide an equal opportunity for the diverse community that use our centre, with the success of this project we will be able to cater better for these needs.

We live in one of the most deprived area in West Sussex and provide affordable safe soft play fun for children and or parents on low incomes, with the upgrades to the soft play we will be able to offer better facilities for children which will help lower potential obesity levels and improve the children's social and motor skills interacting with new children.

the sessions are also attended by local child minders in the area.

With your help and support we can make Mighty Mites session one of the best and safest free play sessions in the local area community, local people will benefit from your support, which will help the charity keep its doors open to continue on with our mission.

With the support we aim to improve and replace some tired matting, update some of the broken bikes and trikes and also improve the 20 year old soft play items to make it more inviting, more interactive and safe for children under 5.

We also would like to offer a free open day launch for all community users to attend and make use of the fantastic new equipment, which will be Free for all, we will also be offering nutritional advice from our qualified staff to parents along with how we can improve there lifestyles for the better, be more active and healthier.

Adur Community Leisure

Location: West Sussex, United Kingdom

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