Community support

Funding level: Up to £1,000


Emsworth in Bloom is a community project.It was started when it appeared that all flower beds in Emsworth were weed beds. Due to lack of council funds to provide foral displays..SO we the residents started up Emsworth in Bloom. We have taken over all the council planters and addedd 10 new displays to the town. This has all been done with donations and grants. We have formed a Green Finger Club of local residents who assit with the project.It has been an amazing success and appreciated by residents and visitors
Emsworth is a delightful harbour town attracting many visitors. When shops and banks started closing the footfall dropped in the town. We want to increase the footfall and have people coming to Emsworth to support our local businessess and to say " Lets Go to Emsworth to See the Flowers"
We keep the planters filled summer and winter. These displays have a great impact on the town. Flower displays make people happy This project has brought the community together. We have a good relationship with our local council and they will help us manually ( not financially ) when required. We need to constantly raise funds to sustain this project and to fund new projectsin the future.

Emsworth in Bloom

Location: The displays are in High St, The Square. and in various locations around the town. Displays along the Millpond

When you see what we have achieved in less than 2 yrs. Turned all the weed beds into fantastic displays and added 10 new planters. Emsworth really is Blooming again. It is a great feeling to know that in these days of council cut bcks we THE RESIDENTS can achieve this.
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