Community support

Funding level: £5,001 to £10,000


Our aim is the refurbishment of the kitchen in the village hall bringing it up to modern standards and making it a more useable, safe and efficient facility.
The Hall is the location for our monthly community tea/lunch parties where up to 40/50 elderly, lonely or vulnerable people have the opportunity to meet up while being served a free tea/lunch - it is an extremely popular and valued event. The kitchen is vital to the success of these events and currently we struggle in a kitchen which is badly laid out with inefficient equipment.
The weekly community youth club also use the Hall and it would be great if we could offer a safe and well equipped kitchen for them to learn/practise cooking as part of the life skills agenda.
The kitchen is used by hirers of the Hall for functions, events, weddings, a more modern kitchen would make it a more attractive hire, producing the much needed revenue to allow the Hall to be used by the local community either for free or at discounted rates.
Our recent Parish Plan questionnaire identified the Hall as a resource the community would like improved and used more. We have recently repainted the Hall and are making other small improvements as we can afford them but a new kitchen is a big investment and would be the icing on our cake.

Oving Jubilee Village Hall

Moment of Pride

We have a small committed and enthusiastic group giving their time and input to take this project forward. It would be of great benefit to hall users, potential users and the community as a whole to have a proper functional kitchen available as part of our village hall.

Location: Oving, Chichester District, United Kingdom