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Funding level: £5,001 to £10,000



The swimming pool at Scholes (Elmet) Primary school was built fifty years ago and was funded entirely by the local residents of the village. This is a truly unique facility and is held with the utmost affection within the village and wider local community. The residents of Scholes fundraised and gave their time for free, mixing the mortar and laying it themselves, in order to ensure that local children would have access to swimming lessons in a safe environment.
The Save Scholes Pool campaign team have been fortunate to spend some time in the company of local villager, Ron Dunk (aged 87 years). Ron was a key figure in the 1960’s group and he has many fond memories of this time, saying, “Back then nobody had much money. We didn’t have cars and we didn’t eat out, you made your own entertainment in your own community”.
A few hours in the company of Ron Dunk at the start of our campaign in September 2015 ignited our determination to ensure the legacy of the pool lives on for future generations to enjoy. Ron’s enthusiasm and unwavering commitment to his local community was infectious and fantastic to be around. His stories of the initial pool build emphasised that this pool is far more than bricks and mortar, it is the centre of our communities’ spirit. We all left Ron’s home feeling privileged to have spent time in his company. All members of the campaign team left with the same thought; there is so much emphasis on educational results for our children, however if schools could teach pupils the ethics and enthusiasm of Ron all of our children would go far.
Present Day

The pool is currently used by federation pupils (Scholes (Elmet) Primary and Wetherby St James), along with children from the wider local community via lessons with partner organisations.

• 100 pupils from Scholes (Elmet) Primary and Wetherby St James Primary utilise the pool annually for swimming lessons during the school year.

In addition to the school swimming lessons -

• 85 children from the village and wider community partake in private after school swimming lessons annually, via local company Swim Team Leeds.

• 75 local babies and pre-schoolers also participate in swimming lessons each year with a parent/carer, via another local company, Flutter Babies. This allows them to become familiar with water at an early age and gives them a head start with swimming lessons and vital life saving skills. The pool is particularly valuable for very young children as it is a small, shallow pool, which can be heated to a suitable temperature.
Since the pool has been closed, both Swim Team Leeds and Flutter Babies have been unable to find a suitable replacement pool.
Funds raised to date (September 2016)
In 12 months since our campaign began we have been overwhelmed by the support of the local community and have raised £29,000. This has been achieved through PTA events, community events, corporate support and 4 charitable grants (Scholes and Barwick Festival Fund, Sir George Martin Trust, Masonic Charity and Vickers Staff Charitable Fund.Future Activity

We have been overwhelmed by the support and generosity of our local community, however we are not naïve to the fact that it will be difficult to maintain this level of fundraising.

We do need further support in reaching our goal. Please could you consider supporting one, or several of our highlighted areas to enable our pool build to commence?

Swimming Pool and Fittings - £14,981-Achieved
Pool Hall- £5,721-Requires Support
Filtration Plant - £3,631 -Requires Support
Chemical Controller - £3,620 - Achieved
Pool Surround -£4,940-Requires Support
Cover -£1,200 -Achieved
PPE-£132-Requires Support
Electric Test Kit-£502-Requires Support
PAC-£696-Requires Support

Save Scholes Pool (working with Friends of Scholes Primary)

Location: Scholes

On a personal note, as a busy, working mum to 3 children I can honestly say that being involved in this campaign has been an honour. Our small SSP group has been inundated with support and stories from the entire community and it makes us even more determined to ensure legacy
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