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Funding level: £1,001 to £5,000


New Hope works tirelessly to support and improve the lives of those who are homeless or vulnerably housed in Watford and the surrounding area. Through a range of dedicated facilities, we offer the support and companionship needed to help break the cycle of homelessness. Expanding over thirty years from soup kitchens run from two old converted coaches, New Hope now houses up to 60 people each night in managed hostels, helping them prepare for independent living and productive employment. We have seen an unprecedented increase in rough sleeping and homelessness in our local area and this is reflected in national figures, hence our urgent need to provide much needed additional accommodation.

Our Community Home is a facility dedicated to the support of those who wish to overcome substance addiction. Often moving from emergency accommodation, service users can stay with us for up to six months and are provided their own individual key-worker to give them the best possible support as they work towards sobriety from alcohol and drugs. From this place of security, we enable them to access educational courses, re-learn life skills and to build their damaged confidence and self-esteem. The Community Home has an outstanding 70% positive move-on rate, mostly within a few months, but it also has a considerable and ever-growing waiting list as there are so many others in need of the support provided by this unique and effective facility.

We are in desperate need of a second toilet and shower facility to allow a sixth individual to take residence as current health legislation states that with only a single toilet, no more than five people may reside in a property, even though the home has bedrooms for six!

We have sought quotations from a range of suppliers in line with our procurement policy and have set a budget of £4398 to convert the existing insufficient bathroom, into a modern shower cubicle and toilet facility. This would cover both the cost of removing the old facilities and the cost of new equipment, fitting and re-decoration.

As we have not applied for funding elsewhere, the Aviva grant could immediately make a difference, allowing us to hire the contractors to get the work underway as soon as possible and be ready to host another service user in just a few months.

Please help us update our property and begin to change more people’s lives – giving them the opportunity of a real future and ‘New Hope’.

New Hope

Location: Watford

The extra time, personal attention and support we give to our service users has been transforming. Seeing them move on to independent and productive living is inspiring. It’s a model we know works.
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