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Funding level: Up to £1,000


Wheelchair Curling is a sport which provides a wonderful social environment for people who have suffered a catastrophic life changing injury or who suffer from debilitating conditions which impair their mobility.
Wheelchair Curling can be played recreationally or competitively by people with a range of abilities, there are no age limitations as the only requirement is that participants should use a wheelchair as part of their everyday life.
The physical and mental benefits of sport and social integration to the health and wellbeing of wheelchair users is immense.
The project which Lockerbie Wheelchair Curling Club (LWCC) wish to stage will be hosted by LWCC at Lockerbie Ice Rink and will demonstrate to the less able community, their families and support workers that they can still actively participate, socially or competitively in the sport of wheelchair curling.
Lockerbie Wheelchair Curling Club (LWCC) are a not for profit organisation run under the wing of Annandale and Eskdale Disability Sports Trust. It is a small club allowing wheelchair users to participate in the amazing sport of Wheelchair Curling. There are currently 9 playing members of LWCC with a range of abilities who are helped by 3 selfless coaches on a voluntary basis. The club wishes to attract new players form the surrounding community by advertising and hosting a Wheelchair Curling Tournament.
The project will be a one day fun tournament which will be advertised amongst the wheelchair bound community through a variety of disability organisations and at which individual players of all ranges of experience and abilities will be invited to participate. Even if people only wish to come and watch to find out what it is all about they will be very welcome.
The players will be drawn into teams, the number of teams and the number of players in a team will be determined by the number of entrants and will be so arranged as to achieve an effective round robin tournament.
Each team will play at least 4 games of 1hr duration and will be scored on a points system. 2pts for a win and 1pt for a draw.
Everyone will gather at 9.30am for tea or coffee and maybe some breakfast in the Ice Rink Cafe before the tournament where later, after the morning games we will all gather and get to know each other over Lunch which will be provided.
Following the afternoon games everyone will gather again in the Ice Rink Café for tea and cakes to discuss the trials and tribulations of the day whilst the scores are totted up. Although the scores are largely irrelevant, as everyone will be a winner on the day having had a fabulous enlightening day out, prizes will be awarded to the winners and runners up.
In order to stage such a tournament for the benefit of between 35 and 45 people we will have to pay the Ice rink costs which they very generously give us at a discounted rate, also we will have to pay for the lunch and refreshments throughout the day. As there are very limited finances within LWCC we estimate that the funds required to support this project will be £900.
In addition to showcasing Wheelchair Curling to the wider community, LWCC hope to attract new players by encouraging people who are newly injured or recently diagnosed or people who were previously ignorant of the social and sporting opportunities available to them. The benefits to mental and physical health and wellbeing of wheelchair curlers are enormous. We therefore hope you will feel that an award of £900 from the Aviva Community Fund for our project is a worthy cause and worth voting for.

Lockerbie Wheelchair Curling Club

Location: Lockerbie

Whilst In the depths of despair facing the rest of my life in a wheelchair I went to a try curling day and was welcomed by LWCC with open arms and now have a fabulous sporting and social life within Wheelchair Curling.
I will be so proud if this helps one other person in the same way. Please vote
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