Sport in the community

Funding level: Up to £1,000


Tyldesley Rugby Club lies at the heart of the community, providing the chance for inspiring youngsters and oldsters to take part in a character building team game. The club plays host not only to players between the ages of 5 and 55 but also provides a warm , welcoming haven for a full age range of spectators each Saturday and Sunday. It is used by local darts teams and pool teams of both genders. Christenings, wakes ,birthday celebrations and wedding receptions regularly take place in the club and a nursery benefits daily from the facilities. Tyldesley Rugby Club is totally inclusive.
However ,the club suffered a fall in morale and finance last season through no fault of its own. Tyldesley was the only local side to be put into a league that demanded eight trips to Cumbria. Many players were unable to travel because of work and family commitments and so a thriving club running three adult teams were struggling to run one team. This had a knock on effect with the mini and junior sections of the club since aspirations to represent the club at adult level plummeted. Tyldesley are now out of that league and with a new committee full of inspiration and enthusiasm are steadily trying to rebuild. Tyldesley now runs two teams and has a thriving mini and junior section.
Training sessions are well attended during the light nights but there is a dramatic fall in the dark nights because there are no adequate training floodlights. Coaches do their best to motivate but lack of indoor facilities and lack of light makes the task impossible. Many a youth has been tempted away from a positive evening of sport to street corner standing or on some occasions petty crime

Tyldesley Rugby Union Club

Location: Tyldesley

The inclusion of rugby union at Rio means that a new generation have aspirations to emulate the success of the Great Britain Team. They will gain the benefit of being part of a team game that is high in courage, commitment, loyalty and a high level of mixed emotions. A game for all genders and ages
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